“The and passion in this area led me to

passion for learning is a never ending process”

passion for invention comes from real-life incidents. At a young age, I had an
urge and keenness to know about the electronic devices like televisions and
mobiles, so I would open them to learn what was going on in those gadgets.
Similarly, when I became interested in computers, I would pay close attention
to what was inside. During the summer vacation before entering high-school, I
took a part-time job at a local computer repair shop which gave me an
opportunity to understand inner-workings of a computer and learn fixing routine
computer hardware issues. My interest and passion in this area led me to choose
a major in Electronics and Communication Engineering in my undergraduate

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            Coming to my other interests, from childhood, I had a
deep interest in Mathematics and Physics a lot. I would love to solve tricky
mathematical puzzles and problems. This interest in mathematics and physics led
me to opt M.P.C stream during my pre-under graduation course, which further
increased the interest on me. Later on during the entrance examinations for my under
graduation, I stood tall in the results, as the examinations involved a lot of
Mathematical questioning and Physics. Due to which, I am one of the top 1%
students in EAMCET (State Engineering Entrance Examination) and top in many
engineering entrance exams, which resulted my graduation in one of the top
universities in country.

             During early ages of my
undergraduate years, I became acquainted with many subjects such as Digital
Systems, Signal Processing, Electronic and Electrical Circuits, Microprocessors
Controllers and Communication Networks. Here is where, I found that combination
of Hardware and Software rises to an invention. In addition to Electronics and
communication subjects and Computer Architecture collaterally I have learned
programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, Python and Oracle, which have further
enhanced my passion to accomplish projects in a successful way. I am an avid
reader and have studied numerous books on electronics. I have designed and
implemented Smart Parking System using IOT with ultrasonic sensors for large
scale parking and IOT, which was later awarded as the best project of the year.


                   I believe practical experience help me apply
theoretical knowledge to solve real world problems. In addition, I had an
opportunity to do three internships at prestigious organizations namely Indian
Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defense Research and Development
Laboratories (DRDL), Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL).Where I have
developed knowledge on practical accomplishment of a project by working with
various reputed scientists for several months. I experienced the advantage of
practical experience by participating in different projects, including Satellite
movement analyzer using linux and Ada fruit Huzzah which Implemented tracking
data for the axis in the space and Multi Functional intelligent Locating robot
which is used to trace
and locate an object movement for military applications and Super capacitor
street lighting system using super capacitor and equipped with automated
systems, which were the well appreciated projects. 

      A student should be a well-rounded
individual. This belief led me to participate in volunteer activities and
sports since childhood, involving environmental activities while balancing
rigorous academic demands. I am also a National level Tennis player, swimmer and
also took part of many social activities like blood donation and collecting
funds for the need. It has been said that “a
knowledgeable person is respected everywhere” This phrase has inspired me
to pursue education at a higher level with a focus on applying theoretical
knowledge to develop practical applications and Analysis. Although the
education system in India is good in terms of learning theoretical knowledge
and practical procedures, the education system in your country is more
practical and is updated with recent technological trends which impressed me to
go for further higher education.

     University is the right fit for me, I strongly believe that it provides a unique
combination of educational advantages with master’s
at your University under guidance of your highly competent research oriented
faculty and research bringing the best out of me,
proximity to technology and industry that attract me to this University, ensuring
that students receive personal attention and extensive academic resources. It
is also a dynamic university with a diverse student population. McMaster
University has a rigorous and challenging Master
– in – that would not only give me a world-class learning experience, but
would also challenge me to think outside of the box. Additionally, I know I
will receive an education that gives me both the technical skills and the
intellectual discipline to succeed in career. 


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