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The ability to assemble and protest in peace is a very significant freedom. People have the right to assemble peacefully because it helps spread the word of different groups and communities, sometimes it even brings them closer together. stated that, “Protecting this right is considered crucial for creating an open and tolerant society, in which different and often competing groups live together in a pluralistic environment” (New World Encyclopedia, 9/13). The right to protest and assemble has pushed different groups to become closer together, a prime example of this would be the civil rights movement. This particular movement brought a divided country together. White people and people of color were protesting together, not against each other. This right enables people to fight against the injustices that are happening across the country and fight for social changes. America would be an incredibly different country without the powerful voices of its citizens. Going back further into history, colonist protested against the acts established by the British. For instance, the Sons of Liberty protested the Tea Act by dumping tea into the Boston Harbor. Although this was not the most passive and legal example of protesting, it made other colonist realize that the British were treating them unfairly. ┬áProtesting allows national leaders to know what the people want and need. The right to protest allows citizens to meet and protest an issue without the government interfering. Of course, there are restrictions on how to exercise this freedom. The line is drawn at violence and disrespect. Violent revolutions will not be tolerated by the federal government. Today, there are still people fighting for change. In fact, the Black Lives Matter movement is inspiring people to stand up to social, economical, and racial injustices. Another example would be the Women’s March organization. As a matter of fact, last year the Women’s March gained support people on a global stage. Supporters held “sister marches” in Paris, Cape Town, London, Sydney, Nairobi, and Berlin. There are everyday people out there protesting for what they believe, and the right to freedom of assembly has made movements like this possible. This liberty allows the American people, and many others worldwide, to alter the way current ways of society and the federal government. Of course, injustices will always be prevalent in the world, but hopefully people who use their right to assemble will change the world for the better.


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