The and design perspectives. Seven strategies can be followed

The effect of residents’ behavior on buildings is a growing research topic given the need
to address climate change challenges. Plentiful studies have investigated the impact of
occupants on the energy consumption in buildings with the need to reduce the performance
gap between the predicted and actual energy consumption of buildings. Inhabitants’ active
and passive energy behaviors including: window opening, use of solar shading and blinds,
adjusting HVAC set points, use of hot water, etc. are not fully considered in current energy
analysis tools. Thus, there is an essential demand for energy modelers, researchers and
designers to improve the calculation of energy consumption of buildings by considering
energy behavior of occupants.
The key task is the complexity and dynamic nature of resident’s energy behavior, which
are influenced by various internal and external, individual and contextual factors. So,
inhabitants’ motivations and reasons, and the various factors influencing their decisions to
interact with building systems together, with the impacts of their actions on the total energy
consumption of buildings, have to be studied in a multi-disciplinary approach to
incorporate the factors from a sociology, psychology, economics, engineering and design
Seven strategies can be followed namely, issue framing, targeting the right demographic,
education, structural and incentive change, indemnifying risk, green building standard
improvements, and tax reform. However, it is clear that these strategies may work but over
a long period of time.
Another strategy is provision with human behavior using building automation and control
systems, because they can contribute greatly to achieve sustainable energy consumption in
buildings. For example, using smart homes and pervasive computing techniques for
analyze electricity usage to identify variances, associate activities with energy usage, and
automate energy efficient activity support.


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