The absolutely safe and comfortable. We also started to

The century that we are living is supposed to be the
century of many technological innovations. 
Many technological devices have improved our life and it is forecasted
that many other  novelty are about to
happened. Creative people brought us cars powered by electricity and hydrogen
by making one’s journey absolutely safe and comfortable. We also started to
make payments online. More devices to connect to the internet are invented and
3D printers are changing our lives. All these innovations will be soon be
replaced by more specific technological devices. Google glasses are already
available, but is expected to the future that this high technology will be
primary means with communication with outer world. The eyewear connected to the
internet will make our routine perfectly organized. In this century technology
is very important for education also. Many researches made before have reached
in the result that Albanians are more interested in adapting innovations in the
area of education. People sing up for  a
university by staying in their favorite couch, drinking a coffee and making all
the procedures in their homes. One of the most useful innovations are
electronic books, which have developed learning and search. Most students are
using tablets and smart phone for more educational materials. The internet and
the technology itself is expected to be widely spread. Brain, work, food is
going to be controlled by technology.

Are people aware of this fact and what aspects of life will
be transformed by new technology devices?

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One theory made by Massachusetts university showed that people
were interested to change their methods on learning by using technology.
Innovations such as 3D printers and online books are going to change the
methodology in learning. Digital learning allows better organization of data
and better control. Search engines have already changed the search process by
making it faster. Another theory that comes from Cambridge university indicates
that people would prefer to make technological changes in medicine. Two last
years of the third decade of 21 century promise to have new innovations in
health care, precision technology in  oncology,
 artificial intelligence and new projects
in discovering .


The survey of this report topic were determined by
interviews made at people.

the two studies indicate that innovations should be made in order  to improve many aspects of daily life but,
according to some people in Albania improvements should be made in education,
medicine and astronomy. 47 volunteers were questioned ( 22 male and 25 female)
about the areas and industries where technology and innovations should be made.

Many individuals in Durres and Tirana , the most populated
cities in Albania, were asked in which aspect or industry should be made more innovations.
After answering the first question participants were asked  what innovate  should be made in these areas according to
their opinion. The answers were 
specific, which means that people are aware of technology changes and
they expect more new technologic devices in the future.



48% medicine

34% education









The results of these research were determined by interviewing
people and taking their opinion about technology innovations that should be
adopted in order to improve certain industries in  the country.

We predicted that participants would be more interested in
creating more   innovations in the area
of education, as the previous years, but for 
this research the truth is different.  There were 23 people who voted that new nesses
should be made in medicine. This number makes the majority of people asked. The
alternative which is chosen by Albanians, as the second area in which
technology innovations should be made,  is the education. In 2015 this alternative was
chosen as the most important area. In the third place stands astronomy. Only 8
people out of 47 voted that astronomy is the area which needs more innovations
in order to be improved.





The purpose of this study was to interview people and
discover the areas in which originative minds should interfere by creating  new devices. The findings of this study are
different from the thesis of Cambridge which indicates that the Americans would
prefer to improve the area of education. This thesis can be a result of dissatisfaction
of Americans in schools or different educational institutions. Another
factor  is that Americans seems to be
very satisfied  with their medicine and
astronomy development. This fact is obvious in America. All important companies
that make astronomy discoveries like NASA, spaceX have their main centers in
America. Furthermore, the American’s hospitals and doctors are known on all
world for their famous and specific techniques. Many hospitals in America have
establish their branches in Albania, where Albanian people have found the cure
of many diseases.

On the other side, individuals who were asked in this
interview about the technology innovation, confirmed that medicine is the area
in which more innovation should be made. This can be a result of the increasing
number of unsatisfied patients. Albania, as a developing country, should adapt
new devices and techniques. Albanians doctors should try to experiment and make
different studies to increase the development of medicine in Albania.

The astronomy resulted the least voted alternative. This
can be a result of many factors.

Firstly, astronomy is a new industry in Albania, which
means that is not a very developed industry. Albanians think that as a country
in developing, Albania has not enough capacity to develop this new area.
Furthermore, people interviewed may not be very interested in this area, which
means that they may have found other alternatives more important than


In conclusion, the results of this study provide positive
insights. By saying that I implicate that anyone of the people asked  has not deviate from the interview and the
questions. This means that Albanians are active and interested in changing and
improving their country.

Contrary to what we predicted, medicine was chosen as the
most important area in which new devices and innovations should be adapted. In
their arguments, participants, were all agree with the famous phrase of
Benjamin Franklin who said: “the best gift a man can give to  the society and to his family is health”.
Some of them even cited this phrase during the interview. Education and
astronomy were less voted, but they still are considered as important topics.
There is always space for certain improvements in all these areas.

Other Researches should be made continuously, to expose the
opinions and suggestions of simple people. These studies help governments to
understand where improvements should be made and are helpful for creative minds
who make continuously technology innovations in order to betterment people’s
daily life.


This study examines the importance of technology
innovations in three areas. The number of people who were asked is 47. The research
has taken place in Durres and Tirana. Apart from choosing the most significant
area where innovations should be made, the participants were asked for the
reason they chose one of the alternatives. The answers were specific, which
means that people are aware of new technological devices and expect more useful
innovations to be part of their life. The most important area, according to
participants asked, is medicine, different 
from other years. However, participants suggested that Albania needs
more innovations in all areas mentioned.