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The chosen organization for the research conducted is Telekom Romania Communications SA. The firm is a mobile operator in Romania and the company’s majority shareholder is Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications SA (holding 54.01% of shares), which is the mobile arm of the Greek company Hellenic Telecommunication Organization SA (OTE)1. In turn, Deutsche Telekom is a large shareholder in OTE (holding 40% of shares), hence Telekom Romania is a part of the T-Brand, the leading European telephone company2. Telekom Romania provides fixed-network telephony, mobile-telephony, broadband Internet and TV services. The company does not target a particular segment, but the whole customer community3. The financial performance of the company over the last two years has been suffering, as its adjusted EBITDA has fallen dramatically. essentially separated between Keynesianism,
which flourished after the 1930s based on the writings of renowned British
economic John Maynard Keynes, and monetarism, which gained traction among
scholars and policymakers in the 1970s.JD1 1 Even though they
criticize and debate with each other, Keynesians and monetarists in tandem can
and have time and again comprehensively explained the phenomena and
fluctuations of our modern economies. They thus produce and apply robust, high-quality
knowledge that is accurate based on ongoing market trends, plausible and
applicable in the form of policymaking, and able to withstand criticism,
including that of one another. In a mere matter of decades, the most significant
systems of knowledge in the discipline of Economics have flourished without the
need for long historical development to achieve high quality.JD2 

1 “Keynesian Economics,”,

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Jahan and Chris Papageorgiou, “What is Monetarism?” IMF Finance & Development 51, No. 1 (March 2014): 38-9.