Terrorism when people decide to take advantage and attack

is always going to be an issue anywhere around the world. No matter how much
you want to believe that your country is changing or is doing good, there are
always going to be countries or people that want to see your country go down in
flames. Some of the main reasons terrorism happens are either because of
religion, or political differences. When people think of terrorism they think
of someone coming in from a different country but however, that is not always
the case. Sometimes people do not like how the government or any person with
any form of political power is handling something and then we want to get


does a record of terrorism in the past year, but that does not mean that there
will not be future terrorist attacks. During 2017 alone there were over 20
terrorist attacks throughout the world with most of them being in one of the
American countries. The thing with terrorism is that we never know who is a
terrorist. So there is no solid way to stop terrorism. The only thing that we
can do is to make sure that we have the military ready in case anything was to
happen. We can not spend everyday living in fear, so we have to show or people
that we are doing everything that we can do to protect them. The second that we
show that we afraid, that is when people decide to take advantage and attack
us, but that is also when we lose all of the trust from our people. Over
five-hundred people were killed due to terrorism attacks, and many more were
injured. Terrorism is not a topic that people should take lightly. It is always
going to be around and if we do not try to become more peaceful with each other
than it is only going to get worse.

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1968, there have been more than seven-thousand terrorist bombings worldwide.

Between 1980 and 1999 the number of terrorist attacks were between three-hundred
and five-hundred. The first sight of terrorism was in 1793 when the French
Revolution had ended. Maxmilien Robespierre wanted to change the country he now
ruled from a monarchy to a liberal democracy. Then there was an attack n March 11,
2004 when a group decide to bomb four trains that killed one hundred and ninety-one
people. That then leads us to November 13, 2015 when a suicide bomber killed
one-hundred and thirty-one people in Paris. Also on May 22, 2017 there was
another suicide bomber in Manchester, England. Terrorist attacks have been her
for over 200 years and these attacks will continue for a very long time. Most
of these attacks are all for nothing and then the rest are caused do to
political disbelief’s. Terrorist want to show everyone that they are not afraid
of anyone and that they will do anything to get their message out for the whole
world to see. They do not care how they get their message out for everyone to
see they just want to make sure that people see that they are in the wrong on
their eyes. Terrorism can be one of the things that lead to war, which takes us
back to weapons of mass destruction and cyber warfare. When there is a terrorist
from a different country, they country that is taking the fall might declare
war on the other country. Which is why many of the American countries spend so
much money on their military.


September 8, 2006 the United-Nations adopted the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

This strategy is used help prevent national, regional, and international
terrorism. This strategy is suppose to send a message to everyone letting them
know that terrorism is not acceptable. It also shows the steps that the
government(s) are taking to help prevent any further terrorist attacks. However,
nothing is going to change unless we as a whole all come together and help find
the peace within each others countries.