Terrorism actors including parents. Research largely could finds an

Terrorism has never been unanimous impact on every
individual, social groups and communities. Media as fourth pillar of state
played an important role for stabilizing the society, but one of the dimension
that effect paradigm is the media coverage of terrorist attacks on schools, on
the parents. The media not only adopts some of the language used by the
terrorist organization but it also has been pointed out that many times the
news media automatically adopts the taxonomy of the government (De Graaf). In the
race of rating they never thought that they are creating chaos in the society.
On 16 December 2014 six day after Malala yousaf zai receive Nobel prize  the news start that “The failure is total and
collective — civil and military, provincial and federal. Whether out of fear,
incompetence, complicity or a combination of all three, the state has allowed
extremism in society to fester. There will be no final victory against
terrorism in Pakistan unless extremism is also defeated”. DAWAN NEWS (2014).
This brings to an end our live coverage of the storming of the army-run school
in Peshawar by Taliban gunmen. The attack left at least 141 people dead – 132
of them children – and many others wounded. BBC London (2014). Words influence
and limit ideas which can transferred from one to another.

The literature abounds on the subject especially in
specialized journals on terrorism, anthologies, books and policy reports
released by think tanks, research organizations and the governments.
Consequently, much work seems to have been done to understand implications of
media coverage on variety of social actors including parents.

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Research largely could
finds an alliance between watching media coverage of terrorist attacks and
stress syndrome. However, most studies cannot answer the important question of
whether watching television of the event makes people worse or if people who
have more relentless stress reactions are the ones who choose to watch more
television coverage of the event