Telecom such as mobilink was the first telecommunication company

industry always plays an important role to grow up of economy of Pakistan.  Pakistan telecommunication describes the
complete environment for the growing mobile telecommunication, telephone, and
internet market in Pakistan.

was the world’s third fastest growing telecommunications market in
2008.subscriber rate has been increased from 68,000 in 1996 to 3.3 million by
the end of 2003; telecommunication growing period lasted for almost five years
in Pakistan (2003-2008), made new records.

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of educational researchers, industry and most important our society are always
attracted from growing industry. its background always revolve the factors
which are responsible for an individual to switch of their telecommunication
brands and the result one is facing relating his/her network I
mention earlier that there are two variables of interest are dependent variable
and independent variable. Independent variables are the main reason due to
which an individual changes its telecommunication brand. Which includes low
call rates, better charges and better network quality? Brand image, additional services
like caller tunes, loan shares, bubble messages, smart share, packages etc.
While the dependent variables define the brands on which an individual is
planning to switch off its connection.

participant’s nature varies with people who are not satisfied with the service
providers of the connection which are using currently by them. They want to
change their brands in search of better package plan which provide them not
only satisfaction but a good combination of their problem’s solution as well.

telecommunication companies in Pakistan are: mobilink, Ufone, warid, Telenor
and zong.

is a very big competition among the firms based on value added services, offers,
SMS, late night offers such as mobilink was the first telecommunication company
who introduce roaming. This provides an opportunity to an individual and they
did not need to have an extra numbers for usage during travelling to other

 Same as Telenor was the first company to offer
a service like easy paisa by which any one can easily transfer cash as well as
pay bills within a limited time.  Telenor
also introduced smart share service through which any one can transfer credit
if one wants to make an emergency call in case of shortage of credit.

provided a loan share service to its customers. This added great value as one
could easily avail the opportunity and have enough credit in case of emergency.