Technology the United States and Russia, it is an

Technology in education has allowed
unlimited research abilities. Where a library might offer outdated books and
data, the world wide web is up to date on information, news events, and
instructional learning tools. Mobile devices have also allowed instant access
to multiple search engines in the classroom. Because of the constant
development of new technology, how we learn and comprehend education changes
over time and increases student success in the classroom. As technology
advances in education, it offers a more knowledgeable generation and a lack of access
to technology could affect not only individual lives, but also presents a lack of
understanding information in the workplace. This affects communities through
the services provided by graduates.

Similar to the Space Race between
the United States and Russia, it is an ongoing race between multiple countries
to be the world’s top technological power. Technology effects many developments
in departments such as government, science, medicine. A technological power will
utilize all three departments to become and stay the top power. For example, technological
advancements in government and science have resulted in the ability to create
nuclear bombs, while vaccines and other medical aid that technology enables us
to have are constantly being improved.   

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An expansion of technology to third
world countries would make a significant improvement in those countries healthcare
and economy. For example, mobile phones allow tracking individual health using
a health app, whereas the growth of technology would benefit business industries
economically in improving services and creating jobs. Adopting technology in education
would offer inspiration to students through the access and better quality of information.
Closing the digital divide would provide advanced job opportunities and lower
unemployment rates due to the higher demand of jobs that closing the education
gap would create. With the right integration of technology into their educational
systems, the third world status has a possibility of being eliminated.