Team tasks as mentors. He stands up for Robotics.

Team 1515 is proud to nominate Henry Grote for the 2018 FIRST Dean’s List Award. Henry joined our FRC team for the ____ season during his ________ year and has been with the team ever since. During his tenure, the team has been to ______ Regional competitions and qualified for the World Championship _____ times. During his sophomore year, he was _______ build team vice president, and contributed to our success in FRC. This year, Henry was a key leader during the FRC build season, ______ our lead designing. He guides the underclassman when they are fabricating parts for the robot, and keeping all of the sub-teams well organized.Henry plans to attend college and seek a Career in Engineering; his specific field is still to be determined. As a student for the last _____ years, the team has seen the importance of Henry to the team. New members look to him for advice, and guidance. Mentors and teammates know that Henry will have the answers about the current Game. Most importantly ge is a great ambassador for/of FIRST. He has been instrumental in the mounds of paperwork, scouting, building, fundraising for the team over the last ____ years. He took control over the team’s design team, designing our “gear’ manipulator in Steamworks. This year he has also been instrumental, leading a team of two in designing our robot.Henry has participated in countless presentations: including Celebrating STEM, NEXT Night, and many more showing the values of FIRST to all that we encounter. At Celebrating STEM, the team brought our 2015 winning robot for demonstrations and showed the kids how to work the robot. They loved getting a chance to play with and operate our student built robot.Henry has shown the values of FIRST.Henry recognized the needs of the team and the coaches. He is a voice for the students, brings team concerns to the mentors, and makes sure we are completing our tasks as mentors. He stands up for  Robotics. Henry has gone to PTA and School Board meetings seeking additional support, and spreading the accomplishments of the team. Last year, Team 1515 had its best year, finishing as an Alliance Captain for the first time. Henry was instrumental in building relationships with other teams to ensure they knew our strengths and had a solid relationship that ensured success. Henry is truly a gracious professional. He has been recognized as a team leader. We know he will be successful at whatever he takes on, and truly understands the opportunities FIRST have given him. He has applied for scholarships, and visited many colleges that support FIRST and engineering. He will be a great leader, and has many of the values and characteristics of a leader.It is with great respect and admiration of Henry Grote, that Team 1515 nominates him for the 2018 FIRST Dean’s List Award.