Task connected to a common linear half-duplex link called



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A local-area network is a computer network that isn’t connect to the internet, and to
connect to it the user should be authorized because it is not open for the
public. LAN can be connecting to other LAN over distance using telephones lines
and radio waves.


A ring network is one of the easiest network topology to
understand. All the computers are connected together so the data flows in one
direction, reducing the chance of pocket collisions. A bad thing about ring
topology is that all data that is being transferred must pass through each
computer on the network, which make it slower then star topology. If one of the
work station shutdown, then that will impact all of them.



A bus network topology is in which all the nodes are directly
connected to a common linear half-duplex link called a bus. it is a best
topology for small network. It is also the easiest network for connecting
computer in a linear fashion. It also requires less cables then star topology.
One of the bad thing about bus topology is that if
there is a problem then it is hard to identify. It can also be hard to
troubleshot a single device. It is bad for large networks.



A star topology is a topology in which all the nodes are connected to a
central connection point like switch or hub separately. It also takes a lot
more cables then other topology. if the hub or witch fail then all the nodes
attached to it are disable. It also cost the most because of the hubs and
cables. The good thing about this topology is that the nodes are easy to connect
with new devices. If one of the computers fail, then it wont effect the other



A mesh topology is when all
the nodes cooperate with each other distributes data amongst each other. This topology was developed
30 years ago for military but nowadays it used for things like home automation,
smart bulging and HVAC controls. A good thing about this Is that a broken node won’t distract the transmission of
data and this topology can also handle high amount of data. But to maintain it
can be very hard to mange.












A wide area network is a is a
geographically distributed private telecommunications network that
connects multiple local area networks.

Private WAN:  

WAN allows for easy installation and maintenance it gives a higher quality of
service so lower latency is experienced as well as higher speeds.



WAN is usually more cost real allowing smaller businesses to adopt to it when
expanding however security becomes an issue as there are many clients that use
public networks also having issues with connection can cause issues with



Personal are interwork is used in smart hone
and offices. It is a personal network so it is only you by the owner.



A metropolitan area network is
a network that is use in a city, for example schools like different
camps in the same are to communicate.