Taif in Taif secondary schools . From The Perspective

   Taif University            

MA TESOL               

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Language Research Method





Effectiveness of Using
Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching English  For students in Taif secondary schools . From
The Perspective of English Teachers in Secondary Schools in Taif City




Technology in plays a very significant role in education in general and
pedagogy in particular. The influence that technology
has had on today’s schools has been quite important. The widespread adoption
and recognizing  of advantages of
technology has completely changed how teachers teach and students learn.

To be more specific audio visual aids have crucial role in education
process. Audio visual aids known as those devices which are used in classrooms
to encourage teaching learning process and make it easier and interesting. They
are the best tools for making teaching effective and the best dissemination of
knowledge . there is no doubt that technical devices have great impact and
dynamic informative system.

study which entitled (Effectiveness of Using Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching
English  For students in Taif secondary
schools . From The Perspective of English Teachers in Secondary Schools in Taif
City) designed to analyze and measure the effectiveness of audio visual
aids in teaching learning process at secondary schools.




Through the attendance in MA
TESOL courses in Taif university, the researcher noticed that there is a great
impact for using audio-visual aids such as pour point presentations on students
in class. By using Audio-visual aids the students become more active. The
lessons become more easier and understandable as well . In contrast, lectures
which had no audio visual materials seemed boring and there is disconnected
between students and teachers. Also, the difficulty of delivering the ideas and
thoughts is one of cons of ignoring audio-visual aids in lessons because the
options or teaching strategies is limited.

Research question

This study is trying to answer the
following question:  

-Do audio-visual aids affect teaching
English in secondary school in Taif city?

Research objectives

The long and short aims of this study

-To identify the uses of audio-
visual aids at secondary school

-To explore the effectiveness of using
audio-visual aids on students

-To investigate the ways of using
audio-visual aids

Literature review.

Rasul, Buksh, Batool (2011) argue
that audio-visual aids are effective tool that invest the past with an air of
reality. Audio-visual aids provide the learners with realistic
experience, which capture their attention and help in the understanding of the
historical phenomena. They appeal to the mind through the visual
auditory senses. Yazar (2013) states that human perceive what they see
and react based on their perceptions. There is famous Chinese proverb ” one
seeing is worth, a hundred words”, it is fact that we receive knowledge through
our senses. There is another proverb that” if we hear we forget, if we see we
remember, and if we do something we know it” so it means that use of
audio-visual aids make teaching learning process more effective (Jain, 2004).In
addition, Gezegin (2014)  comments
that Integrating technology in classroom has become one of the most discussed
issues in language teaching environments since 1920s.Another research conducted
by (Cakir, 2006) claims that It is a well-known fact that audio-visual
materials offer great help in stimulating and facilitating the learning of a
foreign language. Many media and many styles of visual presentation are useful
to the language learner. All audio-visual materials have positive contributions
to language learning as long as they are used at the right time, in the right
place. In language learning and teaching process, learners use their eyes as
well as their ears; but their eyes are basic in learning

Research methodology

Researcher uses survey research
methodology to conduct this study.

– Instrument

Questionnaire (an analytical
descriptive study) which consist of 40 statements using Likert five scale
questions ( strongly disagree – disagree – neither disagree nor agree – agree –
strongly agree ).


All male English teachers in Taif
city in secondary schools.


80 secondary English teachers.


The study will be conducted in Taif
city. Due to some restrictions, the study will be on male teachers. It will be
conducted on the secondary stage because of the researcher’s relations with
many teachers.

-Data analysis

In order to analyze the data, the
researcher will use a statistical program which is SPSS  program. It is a software used for
data analysis and become a leading worldwide provider of predictive analytics
software and solutions.

Data collect-

To collect the data, the researcher
will firstly distribute the questionnaire on line. The questionnaire will be
arbitrated by some specialized professors in the field of technology . Then a
pilot study will be applied before conducting.



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