SWOT Toyota motor Sdn.Bhd is the compilation, importer and

SWOT analysis is the process to know about strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, and threats of a business. SWOT is a resolve framework that
evaluate what an entity can and cannot do with internal and external factors. The internal information is use effect the
strength and weakness, the external information effect the opportunities and

Strengths describe the strengths and weaknesses of
an organization in the competition:  famous of brand, loyalty of customer, powerful
balance sheet, distinct skills, and more. The other benefit of UMW is Toyota has the largest
share of foreign automotive markets in Malaysia and the biggest market share
after the two local car manufacturers-Proton and Perodua. (http://www.umw.com.my/index.php/about-us/)

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It is because UMW Toyota motor Sdn.Bhd is the compilation,
importer and distributor of Toyota and Lexus cars in Malaysia There for the
market of Toyota also effect the UMW. Toyota also have strong brand image of
Toyota at local and global because of the largest market bring their brand
become to more famous. When Toyota and UMW become partnership effect the the
total market share of Malaysia’s automotive industry is about 50% as of 2012.

UMW Aerospace has signed a 25-year
contract with Rolls Royce for a contract to manufacture Rolls-Royce T up to
1000 engine fan housings. According to Naguib, the price of this fan is between
700,000 and 800,000 U.S. dollars. The windbox will deliver Rolls-Royce assembly
plant in Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore with an annual output of 250
engines. Naguib said UMW Aerospace will be the world’s sole supplier of
Rolls-Royce T-1000 turbines. The transformation of the company into a
Rolls-Royce tier one supplier in less than a year marks a major achievement for
the Malaysian aerospace industry. The rapid growth of UMW Airlines is SAM, Mara
AeroTech, UMW Holdings Bhd, Malaysia’s Investment and Development Agency and
Malaysian Foreign Trade Development Corporation. (http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/asia-aerospace-city-gaining-altitude)

Weaknesses prevent the best performance of an organization. They are areas that need improvement to stay competitive and
ensure their business is above average turnover, high profit levels,
underutilized their capital. The weakness for the UMW about of
the shipping cost is too high, it is because the Toyota main market is at Japan
and US but UMW their company are extends to Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar,
Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, China, and India. (http://www.umw.com.my/index.php/about-us/) This may increase the cause and the time of company for their
partnership Toyota.