SUMMARY thinks and give the advices to company and



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IS WRITTEN BY HAMID MOHSIN . He is THE PAKISTANI NOVELEST, writer and brand consultant.


It starts from the two persons sitting on a table and talking to each other
the one is a man whose name is changez khan and the other is an inquiry man
changez is telling his complete story from past to present .He was 18 years old
when he was selected for the scholarship of America that is to given to eight
Pakistani’s and changez was one of them.He spend his time in America he gots
the job in underwood Samson,because he possess special kinds of skills that he
attracted a man whose name is jim, he is a very fine person he posses a great
character . Jim supports changez because he explains the thinks and give the
advices to company and these advices are so workable for the company,That’s why
when jim and changez was alone he asked changez for his future after ten
years  he replied I want to become CEO of
this company.Then jim gives him some advance knowledge to him then changez says
thanks to him when everything is going fine then he says a girl who is
photographer she was clicking photos of a skateboard rider suddenly changez
comes he frightened from the skatboarder then the girl stop him her name was
Erica. She is gorgeous girl.changez visited the party that is organized by Jim
on his house then he found the same girl who was getting his pictures then
Erica and Changez talk to each other then she talk about his boyfriend who was
died before two months,He apologized ,he suggest to move on and said to her
don’t look beyond go forward. She also think like that in the heart of Erica
there is a place of Changez she emailed him and call him to meet him in her
house where they attracted towards each other and they love each other
physically and mentally now there in are in a relationship. When he was going
successful and finally he got the chips of managing the of projects when
everything is going perfect then 9/11 happened and all the muslims are in
danger due to this behavior of americans to muslims are so rough and ironical.
When Changez was going to his office in the morning he saw the two armed mans
comes to him asked him about his passport and he shows his passport to the
police officers they get him to police station they do a violating behavior
with him they remove his clothes and make him strip . Due to this behavior he
was so sad he runned to Erica and he told his complete incident to her then
Erica moves to her home after that there no as much contact between him and
her.when he calls her there was no proper response and due to bad behavior of
people in the America he was unable to work properly . then Jim asked him about
a new project where they have to go Santiago to the person juan-bautista whose
interest lies in books when they both reaches to this person they asked about
books then Changez says my father is the poet amjad khan whose poetry is very
famous in the Punjab .Juan wants to know the interest of youngsters in the book
then Jim and Changez start their work the book interested  like the answer of Changez but not the Jim .
then jim returns to America by leaving changes into that place where he has to
work and he meet with jaun bautista then they both talk on the poetry and the
person who is in the office they give a Turkish copy of his father’s poetry
they both were doing lunch and laun bautista was so impressed from changez
personality . when he return to America and once again there was miss behavior
with him and police officer said to him that you belong to the company of
terrorist but changez replied him beautifully I have the beard but I am love
the America this is my state this my region I don’t want to make it harm I love
this country from heart and soul.  When
he was returning to his house he was in panic because he loss Erica and due to
the misbehavior of the americans to him he was unable to work many times vice
president saw him after some time he asked about his problem why he is not so
much serious in the project that is assign to him but there were no proper
response from Changez. In that time Pakistan was in hardship there is a plain
of india and America against to Pakistan they stop the water line they want to
fight with Pakistan when he listen that all the things he called his home and
he tell them these all things but no one 
accept it . The panic of Changez was increasing day by day he is losing himself
completely he don’t want to left his job because it is the only source of
income. but hardly he left his job now his visa is expired he has only seven
days in these days he has to leave united states when there is last night of
Changez Erica comes to him he said to her it was my mistake that I come closer
to and you don’t forget your first love they talk these things and finally
Erica hugs him and leave the house. He want to leave the America as soon as
possible because there is inequality they don’t think that muslims are the
humans there was completely racism.when he return back to Lahore he was so
melancholic ,he wanted to help the people of Pakistan .now he and the stranger
(American person) both were talking in the small and cheap hotel where Changez
tell him about crime in lahore but also he says that we are safe from these
kinds of cheap thinks lets move in the street and lets talk there .when Changez
come Lahore he feel uncomfortable he doesn’t forget the Erica when he come back
he become the professor of university of Lahore where he teaches the student
and become well known teacher in his society due to skills he gets in underwood
Samson. In this university he protest against the America because of this he
was send to the jail but due to this he become more popular. Changez know that
someone would come from America to chase him stranger become astonish at his
thinking at that time conditions of Pakistan was not as much good they were in
the tough conditions the students of university are with Changez khan the
stranger thought that he is a terrorist but he was not he wanted to keep
changez with himself to America that they can kill him but the university would
not make it happened due to this reaction one student die. Then Changez thought
that the work he is doing is not a good one he stop doing protest against America
due to die of his student who is so closed to him after that he never did that
work and the stranger thought that he was a terrorist but he was not he is a
good and well person .