Summary in Stratford. After Shakespeare left for London, there

Summary William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom. Shakespeare was the third of eight children of Mary and John Shakespeare. Unfortunately, the other two did not live. His father John was a leatherworker who made gloves and others stuff. Also, he was successful in being Stratford’s high bailiff and an alderman. His mom was a wealthy businesswoman. Shakespeare went to Stratford Grammar School until the age of 15. He had great knowledge of Latin and Classical Greek, but he never attended university. Later in 1582, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. Anne was also from Stratford. They were already having their first child. At that time, Anne was 26 and Shakespeare was 18. A year later after marriage, they were expecting twins, Judith and Hamnet. Their child Hamnet died, while the other two married and had left, leaving Shakespeare to have no direct descendants. Shakespeare got a job in London to open his theater, so he had to move there, while Anne and the children lived in Stratford. After Shakespeare left for London, there were no traces of him, no records about how he disappeared and started his theater. But in 1952, Shakespeare was mentioned as a actor and playwright. In 1593, he participated in a play, Henry VI Part 3 and wrote a poem called Venus and Adonis. In over two decades, Shakespeare had done so much; he was an actor, playwright, and a business partner at a company named Lord Chamberlain’s Men. He had become much more famous over the years. From working at Lord Chamberlain’s Men, he had prospered much in business, as well as acting. He had made many investments in real-estate houses in Stratford, including owning the second-largest house in New Place in 1597. Shakespeare worked with John Fletcher to write another play called The Two Noble Kinsmen in 1613. During his final years, in 1611, he wrote his will. Shakespeare allegedly died on April 23, 1616 –  his birthday and was buried by the Holy Trinity Church. His many friends and partners at Lord Chamberlain’s Men printed the First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays and had published them. Shakespeare was a very famous writer and actor during his lifetime and is known for his legacy of his body of work which is still powerful to people today.