Suicide disorders, depression, bullying or abuse can attempt to

Suicide can be a hard topic to talk about for some people. People who suffer from mental disorders, depression, bullying or abuse can attempt to commit suicide. Hannah Baker, a young high school student, committed suicide. She sends a box of tapes to all the people who caused her to commit suicide. Clay Jensen, a classmate, gets a box of the tapes, but he is very confused and does not know what he did to cause her to commit suicide.The book was first published on October 18, 2007, by RazorBill. A tenth-anniversary edition of the book was published on December 27, 2016. The book’s first ending is included, as well as an essay from the author, Jay Asher, and a new introduction to the book. The book has 288 pages and the genre is young adult. The narrator of the book is one of the main characters, Clay Jensen. Characters- Hannah Baker: Hannah Baker committed suicide for thirteen reasons, and thirteen people. She recorded tapes before she died to tell people why she killed herself and who caused her to commit suicide. Hannah committed suicide because she was bullied. She was insecure and depressed because her classmates gossiped about her behind her back. – Clay Jensen: Clay Jensen was one of Hannah Baker’s classmates. He received a shoe box with the tapes Hannah recorded. He doesn’t know why he is on the tapes, but he realizes that Hannah just wanted him to listen to the tapes. Clay had a crush on Hannah and he was devastated when he found out she killed herself. – Tony: Tony is Clay’s closest friend. He also receives a box of tapes but he isn’t on the tapes either. His task is to make sure that everyone who receives the tapes, does what Hannah tells them to do.- Justin Foley: Justin also received the tapes and is the first person on Hannah’s list. Justin was Hannah’s first kiss, but he wasn’t who she thought he was. Justin caused rumours about Hannah around the school and it ruined Hannah’s life.- Jessica Davis: Jessica was one of Hannah’s first friends at school. The two were best friends, until Jessica thought Hannah was trying to steal her boyfriend and Jessica hit her. This ended their friendship and left Hannah with emotional scars. Jessica too, received the tapes. – Bryce Walker: Bryce didn’t receive the tapes but he was on Hannah’s list. Bryce was on the list because he raped Jessica at a party. He didn’t receive the tapes because we was likely to not follow Hannah’s rules and not pass them along to the next person. Besides raping Jessica, he raped Hannah too, and she felt like she wasn’t in control of her body anymore. PlotClay Jensen comes home from school one day and finds a weird package in the mail. A shoe box, which contains seven cassette tapes. He listens to the tapes on his dad’s old stereo. The tapes were recorded by his old classmate Hannah Baker, who committed suicide a few weeks ago. He is shocked when he hears her voice. He decides to listen to the tapes. Hannah tells him that she committed suicide because of thirteen people and when a person is finished with the tapes that person has to pass them along to the next person. He listens to all the tapes in one night and goes to all the places Hannah tells him to go to.First on the list Justin Foley. Hannah and Justin kissed in a park. Justin betrayed Hannah by telling his friends about their moment in the park and that they didn’t just kiss but did more, which was a lie. Second on the list is Alex Standall. He published a list which compares girls to each other and one is the better one. He compared Jessica Davis and Hannah to each other, Hannah being the better girl. He did that as revenge for Jessica breaking up with him.Third on the list is Jessica Davis. After she was compared to Hannah on Alex’s list, she accused Hannah of taking Alex away from her. When Hannah denied it, Jessica slapped her hard and it ended their friendship. Jessica began spreading rumours that Hannah was the reason of her breakup.Fourth on the list is Tyler Down. He is a classmate who was a photographer for the school yearbook. Hannah realised that someone was taking pictures of her through her bedroom window and she heard clicking noises every night. Her friend, Courtney Crimsen, helped her catch the person who was behind this. Because Hannah briefly saw the person’s face as he ran away, she was able to determine that Tyler Down was behind all of this.Fifth on the list is Courtney Crimsen. She used Hannah as a ride to a party, but she left Hannah alone the whole time. Courtney started spreading rumours that she found suspicious things in Hannah’s bedroom. Sixth on the list is Marcus Cooley. Hannah participated in a matching system for the Valentine’s day dance at her school and she matched up with Marcus. They went on a date at a diner and Marcus did things that Hannah didn’t like. Hannah pushed him on the floor, and he left calling her a tease. Seventh on the list is Zach Dempsey. He tried to comfort Hannah after Marcus left her. After Hannah doesn’t show interest in him, he takes away her “notes of encouragement”, which students can put in a drawer to encourage other students. Eighth on the list is Ryan Shaver. He was a member of a poetry club which Hannah signed up for. After he gained Hannah’s trust, he stole one of her poems and published it anonymously in the school newspaper. People criticized the poem even though they didn’t know who wrote it.Ninth on the list Clay. Hannah apologizes for adding Clay to the tapes and she mentions that Clay doesn’t deserve to be on the list because he is one of the nicest person she had ever met. She only but him on the tapes because she wanted him to know why she committed suicide.Tenth on the list is Justin, again. At the party, Justin and  a drunk Jessica walk into her bedroom, not noticing Hannah on the floor. Justin left the room for a second and Hannah hid in a closet. She witnessed how Jessica, unconscious, was being raped by Bryce Walker. Justin knew about this and did nothing about it.Eleventh on the list is Jenny Kurtz. She offered Hannah a ride home from the party and hit a stop sign at knocked it down. She didn’t tell the police about the accident. That lead to a car accident which killed one of their classmatesTwelfth on the list  is Bryce Walker. One night, Hannah took a walk and Bryce invited her to a small party at Courtney’s house. They were all in a hot tub and Hannah joined them. When everybody left and Hannah was alone with Bryce, he raped her.Thirteenth on the list is Mr. Porter, the school counselor. Hannah talked to him about being suicidal and she recorded the conversation. He told Hannah that if she didn’t want to press charges against Bryce, she should just move on.When Clay has listened to all of the tapes, he mails them to the next person on the list, Jenny. My personal opinionI think this is a very serious book. I enjoyed reading it, but is could be a bit dark at some times. I knew I would like the book, because I had seen the show on Netflix before and I enjoyed that. This book really explains that you have to be careful with what you do and say to people. Those things can lead to bad things, like suicide. The strong point is that the book keeps you interested and that it’s very exciting. The weak point is that it’s a bit dark sometimes, which is likely because the book is about suicide. I really enjoyed the book and recommend it.