Sufis way of life than a doctrine or belief

Sufis try to
have a personal relationship with God. In order to do this, they think
they have to be humble and considerate. They also need to destroy the thinking
of a ‘yourself ‘and they need to finish ego. 
                                          Sufis also carry out different
prayers for different orders. When they do all this, they achieve ‘fanaa’, the
state in which one gets the divine love of God and the oneness with God. Sufis
basically try to get as close to God as possible in order to find divine truth
and love.

Sufism is more
an experience and way of life than a doctrine or belief system. Sufis believe
Sufism to be a way of life in which a deeper identity is discovered. Sufis
prefer to learn from a teacher rather than a book.                                 

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  Sufis dancing to Sufi music

There are
approximately 9´000´000 Sufis in the world today, while there are 1.8 billion
Muslims worldwide. Although Sufis are small in number, they have shaped Islamic
thoughts and history. Sufis have an important contribution to Islamic literature
as well. Many beautiful poems and books have been written by Sufis. Sufi music is
immensely popular.                   

Sufis are
people who practise Sufism. Most Sufis are Sunni Muslims, but not all Sufis are
Muslims. This causes a misunderstanding as people believe that Sufism is an
Islamic Sect, even though it isn’t.                                                         Some people will
additionally say that there is no true Sufi who doesn’t appreciate and practise
the principles of Islam, though there are Sufis who only practise some
principles. Non-Muslim Sufis are in extremely small numbers.       

The exact
Origin of Sufism is uncertain and there is disagreement among religious Sufi
scholars and Sufis, but some people say it started during the 9th
and 10th Century, which was also the Islamic Golden Age.                                    Other
people say it started in the first centuries after the life of Prophet Muhammed
and they consider the Prophets companions as to being the first Sufis. Most
people think that its Origin is in the Middle East.                            Some believe that
Sufism existed before Islam and they think it was practised by Christians and
people before them, but only few agree.                                                                         Most
people think that Sufism does not have a single founder. Towards the end of the
first millennium, people had started to write manuals about the doctrines of
Islam and describing some typical Sufi practises.

Sufism, also
known as `Tasawwuf´, is an Islamic Mysticism. The word Sufism comes from the
Arabic word Sufi, which means wool, though some people also think it means
purity or it comes from the Greek word ´Sophia´, which means wisdom, though it
is unlikely.