Steroids Anabolic steroids are steroids that are used by

Steroids are separated into two
categories-anabolic and androgenic steroids. Anabolic steroids are steroids
that are used by athletes to help build up their muscle mass and their
strength. On the other hand, androgenic steroids are used to help grow facial
hair and deepen the person’s voice. To build up an athlete’s performance they
use testosterone, while other athletes use anabolic steroids that are a
modification of testosterone (“Doping…”). The use of anabolic steroids in the
body affects the human body’s everyday function by affecting the physiological,
psychological, and gender-specific issues of a person.

 Athletes use steroids to help them train
harder, allow them to build up muscle mass, and to allow them to recover from a
hard workout faster. This gives them an advantage over those athletes who do
not. There have been many instances where athletes have been banned from
athletic performances due to doping. One of the most recent was December 5,
2017. On this day the International Olympic Committee announced that Russia was
disqualified from the 2018 winter Olympics due to violations of the rules
against doping. However, if the individual athletes could prove that they were
one hundred percent steroid-free, they were invited to still come to compete as
“Olympic” athletes rather than as part of the Russian team, but most of the
Russian athletes were disqualified (“Performance…”). Since Russia has been
outed for using synthetic substances to increase their athletes’ performances,
this brings to the world’s attention just how bad doping really is in athletic
performances. Athletes should not be allowed to use steroids to increase their
muscle mass and athletic performance. When the athletes decide to use the
steroids to better their performance, what they do not realize is that what
they are doing is hurting their self in the future. The use of steroids will
most likely hurt the person in the long run and not help them that much at the
time of use (“Top 10…”). 

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Using anabolic steroids for a long
period of time to increase the body’s muscle mass and weight can affect the
body’s physiological appearance drastically. Flooding the body with unneeded
synthetic testosterone can cause anywhere from small reactions to major
life-changing events. The overload of anabolic steroids can cause major
problems such as liver damage, stunted growth, and interruption of puberty
during early childhood years. The smaller problems that the overuse of anabolic
steroids can cause include male pattern baldness and acne (“Effects…”). If the
person started the use of steroids as a child, it can cause the child to have a
short stature. The use of the drug every day can also result in the rupturing
of tendons easily (“What Are…”).  This
is definitely something an athlete would want to try to avoid as it could end
their career.

Anabolic steroids are almost
familiar when it comes to psychological side effects because it is a substance
that the body will get addicted to. With taking this drug the withdrawal side
effects are somewhat extreme. The withdrawal period can cause the person to
experience depression and can sometimes lead to suicide because of severe
depression. The person can also experience a behavior known as “Roid Rage”.
“Roid Rage” is when the person experiences aggressive, criminal, and unusual
sexual behaviors (“Effects…”). The amplified use of anabolic steroid can also
cause the person to experience delusions and mania because the steroids have
affected their thinking process. By the steroids affecting the human body, it allows
for the person to be irritable and confused in some situations (“What Are…”).

In females, the overuse of steroids
can cause many problems due to the fact that anabolic steroids have a form of
testosterone in them.  By introducing the
body to too much testosterone it can cause the body to go through many abnormal
processes. The use of anabolic steroids can cause females to develop hair on
the face, stomach, and upper back, deepening of the voice, irregular menstrual
cycles, and the termination of breast development. While these features are
very unattractive, the use of steroids can also cause problems with the woman’s
ability to  conceive and carry a child
because the anabolic steroids are made of synthetic testosterone. This is an
awful side effect because it is many women’s hopes and dreams to one day start
a family (“Effects…”).

            In males,
the overuse of anabolic steroids can cause the male’s body to go through some
abnormal and irregular processes. Anabolic steroids can cause the male body to
increase breast tissue, a decrease in sperm production, the shrinking of
testicles, and may also cause the males to experience erectile dysfunction.
Since the anabolic steroids can cause the males to experience decrease in sperm
production it can also lower their chances of one day starting a family

The excessive use of the anabolic
steroids can also cause the person to have cardiovascular, liver, and skin
problems. The cardiovascular system in an important part to keeping our bodies
healthy because it contains the most important organ in the body, the heart. By
introducing steroids to the heart it can cause the heart to panic and elevate
the person’s blood pressure, which could lead the person to have a heart
attack. The steroid can also cause the heart’s left ventricle to increase in
size, which would cause the heart to beat faster and produce way more
oxygenated blood to the body than the body needs  (“What Are…”).

The liver is another vital organ
that is important to the body with the aid of producing the proteins in order
for the blood to clot. It is also the organ that is in charge of destroying old
and damaged blood cells. When anabolic steroids enter the body the liver goes
into overtime and tries to continue its process of destroying the old blood
cells and helping with the clotting of blood. The steroids overpower it and
start to harm the liver. When the steroid intertwines with the liver it can
cause tumors to arise, cancer in the liver, and peliosis hepatis (“What
Are…”). Peliosis hepatis is the rare condition in which the blood vessels in
the liver become dilated (Glick & Gaillard).

The overuse of steroids in the body
can also cause the skin to change in certain ways. One way the skin can change
is the person can experience jaundice of the skin. Jaundice is when the skin
appears to have a yellow like tint to it because the liver is also being
affected at the same time because of the steroid use. The skin can also start
to not release fluid as it should and the person will experience fluid
retention in the skin. The synthetic testosterone can also cause the body to
secrete an oily substance, and cause the person to experience an oily
scalp  (“What Are…”).  

While science has proved that the
overuse of anabolic steroids are harmful to the human body, sometimes the use
of some steroids can be beneficial for certain health conditions. Steroids at a
controlled amount can be beneficial when the person deals with inflammation in
the body. When the inflammation starts to harm the organs, their doctor can
prescribe the person a steroid. The steroid is to get the inflammation under
control so that the critical organs are not harmed. Doctors also prescribe
steroids for inflammation of the kidneys to prevent people with kidney failure
or lupus from progressing too fast. The steroid is used as an aid to slow the
fast process of the disease (Zelman).

Steroids can also help ease the pain
from a very commonly known disease as rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid
arthritis is the inflammation of the joints and causes a very painful feeling
throughout the body. Steroids are used to treat the flare-up of the joints in a
fast way to ease the pain as soon as possible. The steroids are given via
injection, but can also be given by mouth or through an IV.  Doctors prefer to use steroid injections
rather than via orally or through an IV because it allows for the doctor to
know that the painful cite is being directly treated (Zelman).

While there is some various use of
steroids as a medicine to help a person’s health, steroids are extremely bad
for your health in the long run. Steroids can alter a person’s physiological,
psychological, and gender-specific issues of a person. The use of steroids can
also affect the person’s cardiovascular system, liver, and skin. That is why
steroids should be banned from using them in all sports events and should not
be prescribed unless the person will die without the use of them.