STATEMENT my school and college days I would participate

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The word  “Business” is familiar with all from historic times till current century. During historic times the popular form of business used to be “Barter System” where goods or commodities were exchanged with possessed goods or commodities. With centuries passing the forms of business changed and educational system adopted a new course to the curriculum in the early 20th century as MBA (Master of Business Administration) where practiced Business skills are discussed and new Business ideas are thoroughly researched by a group of individuals under a supervision of a market expert. Blessed to be born in a family where Business in different forms are performed by my Father and Relatives, having a look on the regular activities of them motivated me to perform Business and join my family. But doing Business without knowing Skills would not be fruitful at some moment ,hence decided to go through the process of MBA where Skills are discussed which would help me clear the doubts I have in my mind. Besides it will help to generate ideas which could be discussed and implemented in a small scale for research. Always had a sound knowledge on numbers and the love to play with them made myself strong in areas like Mathematics and Physics during my school and College , during Under Graduation subjects like Economics , Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship Development helped to touch few basics of Business.Maintaining consistent score have been my strong hold. Completed my High School with 77% and joined Orissa State Board for Intermediate and scored 78.3% having MPC as major subjects. During my school and college days I would participate in Competitions related to Mathematics or Problem Solving and presentations which helped me to shape my Analytical Skills and Problem solving skills. These competitions and my skills helped me to shape my career goal and decided to join Engineering and my family was in support to my plan to join Engineering.Appeared Orissa Joint Entrance Examination and scored a rank of 3081 joined Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology , Gunupur a renowned Engineering college in Orissa affiliated under Biju Pattnaik Technical University. I had opted for Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch in my Under Graduation. Undergraduate curriculum covered almost all areas of scientific study like Mathematics, Computers, Electronics, Mechanical, Applied Electronics, Electrical and few courses of management. During my Under graduation I got opportunity to visit Industrial Parks where I came to know about new and advanced machines besides knowing about machines, I started enquiring about the makers and the places those are imported and the cost of machines from the Engineers of the plants. These visits to Industrial parks were always useful as it made me more enthusiastic to know Business. In my Final Year of my Under Graduation I was recruited by India’s No.1 Service Based Company Tata Consultancy Services and completed my Under Graduation with 77.2%.My total work exposure counts for 29 months. I have started my professional journey as Assistant System Engineer-Trainee and currently my role is System’s Engineer. I was trained in Java Testing where I had learnt and worked in internal projects. Later started working in project with a leading Insurance company from USA where my role is to know client requirements and design Test Documents. Moreover I got opportunity to attend video calls and meetings with Business Team few times where different aspects related to current business are discussed and how existing customer satisfaction index could be increased. Apart from working with clients I have worked with TCS internal Business team where discussion includes Budget for current fiscal year, resource allocation , billing from clients and resource training cost. Apart from my task of designing test documents I have a additional role in my project for maintaining billing for all associates in my project team where I maintain finance for my team and prepare presentations for Business team on the estimates for the year.Roles are like added feathers for me and I like to always accept new work and roles as it widens up my planning capability and moreover with new roles I get opportunity to meet more people which helps me to work on my Interpersonal Skills. Worked on database migration project where I have learnt about database and worked with different client and business team and the project trained me with database management, SQL and the project was about numbers so it was easy to learn and work with numbers.The enthusiasm for learning and researching for me was never stopped with completion of my under graduation. I had always researched on how to grow as team and as an individual read novels from top industrialists on their way to become extra ordinary from an ordinary person. I had thought for pursuing Master’s degree after acquiring a relevant job experience and preferred Canada based on research I had done, consulted peers and friends I was totally convinced that Canada offers a High quality, research oriented and affordable education which is recognized worldwide. Canada is safe, secure, healthy, multicultural and welcoming environment for international students and amongst all Canada is regarded as one of the best countries to live in.I researched on the courses I have interests for my Master’s Degree matched the courses with Master of Science and Master of Business Administration and I found myself strong for the courses of Master of Business Administration. The next step was to decide on the stream for Master of Business Administration again I started digging deep into my interests and found the skills I possess and found myself strong with quantitative, aptitude, economical analysis and reasoning. Then I found relevant courses in Master of Business Administration in Finance where I will be dealing with all Economics in a larger Business area, Business trends across the globe and valuing a product.Upon completion of my Master’s in Finance I want to work in my Country towards making the economy stabilized where people’s investment will be secured and not affected by any Economic meltdown’s. I want to introduce feasible monetary policies across the globe where investors would feel free to make their investments and moreover the most important focus will be on Security of the Investment’s.In order to reach and make my ideas into work which is focused globally it is required I should be part of a Global Educational system and I have also come to learn that New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver is reputed as leader of innovation, technology and sustainability. The facilities offered by the New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver will help me gain experience be it social, recreational or my personal development. Moreover the program brings together participants from all over the world, so I would be able to share and exchange thought and ideas with a group of people who are from different nationalities, cultural orientations and schools of thought on one platform.Currently I am applying for Master of Business Administration in Finance as I believe that my enthusiasm  to know more about Finance and my passion to do something path breaking in the field would require some more expertise that I will be able to gain through the Master’s program. I shall leave no stone unturned and shall strive hard in becoming what I have fascinated as my long term goal to use my deeper knowledge in Finance. Having done enough of self-understanding and evaluation I have arrived to conclusion to pursue graduate studies in finance. I would like to have an opportunity to work with the erudite and seasoned faculties of your renowned university and here the real life skill sets which will help me fulfilling my dreams and honing me in all skills.                                                                                                                                                            (Ajay Kumar Choudhury)