STATEMENT for teamwork and leadership, and a zest for

                                  STATEMENT OF




Life and knowledge are two faces of the same coin, inseparable. Knowledge
is a continuous journey fuelled by my tenacious curiosity. A desire to extend
my knowledge and an enthusiasm to solve the demanding problems faced by the
industry today motivated me to pursue Master’s degree in Internetworking and
especially research in Networking and Cloud Computing. I believe that my
educational background has instilled in me the qualities required to meet the
rigor of this demanding course, and subsequently, the profession. I bring along
with me a strong grasp of fundamental knowledge in Computer Science and
networking, unique and relevant work experience, along with a desire to learn,
a penchant for teamwork and leadership, and a zest for challenges.

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I am reminded of my
childhood, when I used to watch Tom and Jerry cartoon day in and day out, which
had me glued to one magic box, which was the television. I remember asking my
father one fine day as to how the miraculous box had all my favourite cartoons
inside and his answer was ‘MAGIC PIXIES’. It was only later that I realized how
stupid I was to believe him but that fuelled my curiosity further to know how
the television actually worked and that probably has been the starting point of
my interest in engineering. During my 11th I attended a science
competition and I was so excited to look at all the other projects that were
brought in. I was very curious about their workings and looking at a few others
I had these ideas of how to better them. It was truly an amazing learning
experience that furthered my interest in the subject. That opened the gates of
my curiosity in all working circuits around me and how it had an impact on our
daily life leading me to take up Computers as my additional subject in 12th


secured myself a seat in one of the renowned University named Lovely
Professional University with 40% scholarship. My journey towards achieving my
goals started here. My dedication and interest for the subjects helped me to
secure distinction throughout my college studies with an aggregate of 7.69
CGPA, which helped me to stand among the top 10% of total students. My
undergraduate subjects helped me to strengthen my concepts in developing algorithms,
data structures, networking, database etc. I acquired an overall perspective of
this scientific discipline, with a particular interest in Object Oriented
Programming. My undergraduate curriculum has thus laid a solid foundation in
the various aspects of computer science that will be necessary to excel in
graduate school. As a part of University dissertation I have developed one
Desktop application using J2SE Concepts for one of INDIA’s renowned firm named BSF
(Border Security Force). The application was named as “LFMs (Loan Fund
Management System)”. The application was built to automate the Manual work of
accounts department. I with my team of four members started working under the
guidance of Professor Vikram dhiman to automate this process and developed one
Desktop application which can do all accounts calculation automatically and
also connect the remotely located people.




 Besides the undergraduate program, I have completed a number of courses
required to Kindle my interest in Computer Science such as Android
Development,, J2SE (JDBC-Java Database Connectivity, AWT, and Swing) and J2EE
(Servlets, JSP-Java Server Pages, and EJB-Enterprise Java Beans). In addition,
I have also participated in various workshops and seminars such as Drupal,
Ethical Hacking, Android Development, Cloud etc. to keep myself up-to-date with
the latest trends in technology. I always tried to hone my programming skills
in various languages including Java (Core +Advance), SQL, C, and C++.


After completion of my Degree, I
joined Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as Software Developer on 16th November,
2015. I went through Various Corporate Trainings and SAP ABAP technical
training which transformed me from a college student to a corporate employee.
On the Basis Of my performance in SAP ABAP training and excellent Core JAVA
Knowledge they put me in a team of SAP HYBRIS. Where I explored the domain of
building applications for E-commerce. After successful completion of this
project, I was promoted to one Critical project in the Field of
Telecommunication as a JAVA web application Developer. I also got an opportunity
to Visit AUSTRALIA to understand the real time problems. While working on real
issues, I developed the thought that the most important thing in this 21st
century is the connectivity network we use. We have the speed to transfer the data,
but what’s the efficiency of network system we are using? So just to understand
this in more depth and to find better solutions for connectivity, I decided to
study internetworking.



The Master’s
Program in INTERNETWORKING with special emphasis on Networking and cloud
computing is the perfect match for my career aspirations. After consulting with my peers and seniors and checking
course contents thoroughly, I am convinced that Canada is a better option as it
has developed a first-rate education system with high standards and global
recognition. Canadian culture is diverse and vibrant. It is considered
peaceful, safe and orderly country. Being a country of immigrants from all over
the World, different perspectives are respected and learning together is
encouraged. Tuition fees and living expenses are also in favour of Canada when
compared to other countries with equally good education system. I am impressed by the excellent peer network and the extensive
curriculum the institute offers. More importantly, I am also rather excited
about the excellent infrastructure and the labs which would assist me in my
aspirations to carry on my own independent research. The facilities offered by the Institute will help me gain experience be
it social, recreational or my personal development. This program brings
together participants from all over the world, so I would be in contact with
diverse cultures and I would also develop an international network. It would be
very rewarding to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with a group of people
who are from different nationalities, cultural orientations and schools of
thought on one platform. The future of networking and cyber security in India
is very bright as there is a huge demand for Network Developers. Once I have
acquired the knowledge and skills necessary from the course, I plan on
working for Private companies developing and implementing NETWORK ARCHITECTURE
or CLOUD COMPUTING products.


sum up, I have the skill and the aspirations and now seek the right platform to
move towards my goals. DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY with their MASTER OF ENGINEERING in
INTERNETWORKING provides this platform, where I can learn and develop new
skills to showcase my talent. I sincerely hope that I qualify all the requirements
for admission into this Master Program and that my application is favourably