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Some debates are destined to last and the heated rivalry between Macs and PCs is no exception. This rivalry has been going on for over two decades and has become one of the biggest discussions in the history of technology. There are die-hard fans that advocate their preference and refuse to believe that their computer is anything less than perfect. Fortunately, the competitive nature of these two platforms has led to major improvements and breakthroughs, year after year, to win customers over to their side. While both Macs and PCs are exceptional platforms and can essentially perform the same basic tasks, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Macs usually have better optimization in their software and better reliability, while PCs usually have more customization and lower price points. From the beginning, Microsoft has always been a software company, creating Windows operating systems for numerous manufacturers to utilize. This means that Microsoft has over forty years of experience at creating exceptional desktop operating systems, making Windows the most popular platform in the world. Their recent Surface tablets are their first attempt at building their own hardware. On the other hand, Apple controls both the hardware and the software in their products. This allows Apple to be able to fully optimize and protect their computers better than Windows computers. Furthermore, Apple can build and perfect their Mac operating system in conjunction with their hardware because they know exactly what kind of hardware that their operating system will run on. It is nearly impossible for Microsoft the test their software on the thousands of manufacturers out there. Reliability is another huge factor that tends to favor Macs. PCs are infamous for being vulnerable to numerous malware and viruses that slow down the computer or even steal the user’s private information. However, this is not to say that Macs are not susceptible to these things. Macs occasionally have problems but nowhere near the amount that PCs have. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the viruses were made to attack PCs because there are so many more of them throughout the world. Additionally, Apple has some of the best customer services in the technology world. Their AppleCare system allows users to bring their damaged Apple products to one of the many Apple stores for them to repair at no additional cost. This cannot be said about Windows PCs as they are so different with every manufacturer and warranties. Because Windows can run on so many different devices, this means there are a myriad of choices to choose from and customize. This includes gaming laptops, all-in-one computers, tablet/laptop hybrids, and even professional-grade workstations. Microsoft clearly has Apple beaten in the variety department. Obviously, Apple still makes the essential computers like laptops and desktops, but it is no where near the amount of freedom you get from PCs. With PCs many people build their own computers, giving them any choice imaginable for what type of processor, graphics card, or motherboard to put into their computer. Essentially, anything can be customized to someone’s liking on a Windows PC, while Apple usually keeps everything sealed in on their Macs. This means that Macs are not upgradable, forcing you to buy a new computer more often. Custom-built Windows PCs allow the user to upgrade any piece of the hardware that they desire, which will instantly improve their computer and save a lot of money in the long run. Overall, customers will have a lot more freedom on Windows computers to customize both the hardware and the software than they ever will on a Mac.For the majority of users, price is by far the greatest factor in deciding which computer they want to invest in. Since computers are very expensive, people usually wait for sales to buy them. This is where PC users definitely have the advantage here as they can build a computer themselves that is as powerful or even more powerful than an equally priced Mac. A baseline model MacBook Pro with only a 2.3 GHz dual-core processor already costs $1,300. This can be outperformed by a custom-built PC that includes an octa-core processor with a much higher processor clock speed that costs less than $1,000 to build. Additionally, PCs usually have great sales throughout the many holidays for those that don’t want to go through the trouble of building a computer, while Apple rarely drops their prices.The core distinction between Macs and PCs is that PCs are more for people who are looking to buy a really powerful computer at a great price, while Macs are more designed for people who just want a beautifully designed computer that is reliable and extremely optimized. Both of these computers have their strengths and weaknesses, however, PCs tend to be the better better choice overall because they offer better customization, better value, and more choices overall. Both Macs and PCs have their places for different people and for different types of work. Over the last decade, ss both hardware and software has progressed, Macs and PCs have gotten more similar. With Windows 10 and Mac OS X, both are very functional and advanced operating systems that can basically complete the same core tasks. Windows might have the slight edge for gaming and Mac OS might have the slight edge for video editing and photo editing, but these two operating systems are extremely capable and can handle everything you throw at them.