Social want to experience the full benefits of socialization”

Social sites cause many people to isolate
themselves rather than interact. Face to face communication has vastly dropped
ever since popular social sites have exceeded out. These networks continue to
get better and better with shutting everyone out from the real world, face to
face interaction. So much people have formed isolation from the loss of
personal interaction. It seems that nowadays, people are getting used to less
communication to where it has become more rewarding and accepting to them
because they are used to lying behind a computer to do all those things. Social
sites will continue to have a, “Large number of developed individuals that
function well behind a computer while lacking in human interaction” (USA Today).

If we don’t make changes to socially interact with others, we will more than likely
loose many skills such as, speaking aloud in front of people, maintaining the
correct language skills that we were once taught, and having the ability to
understand one’s body language. This will negatively affect the way we develop because “Humans
are social animals who need interactions with other people if they want to
experience the full benefits of socialization” (USA Today). Isolating ourselves
from the real world is horrible towards our own society. How is it even
possible come together as a great society if we can’t even communicate with one
another? We won’t. If we don’t make a change and continue to isolate ourselves,
we will forget how to communicate with each other. Many say that these social
sites are made to better our communication skills, not demolish them.

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Even though large amounts of people in this world will continue to use
these social networking sites, they must keep in mind of all the negative
things that come with these sites to better themselves in our society. Being aware
of the negative consequences gives the users a less chance of facing them
because they know what they are in for. This can easily help more users
understand limits and be aware of when enough is enough rather than revolving
their entire lives on social networking sites without even realizing it until
all the negative aspects come along. Social networking is beneficial when it comes to communicating, especially
from far distances but there must be a stopping point. Everyone must recognize
that it cannot replace our main construction of the way we communicate and
interact with people. Yes, social sites have many positives but they are nowhere
close to outdoing the negatives that come with them. Constantly revolving our
lives behind these websites will continue to affect the way we communicate, how
we choose to express ourselves to others, provoke bullying, and force us to
isolate ourselves from the world. There is nothing that can be replaced for
personal interaction. Social networking is the problem to what has been going
on in this new technological world. We must end the excessive use of it for our
own wellbeing.