Social The Third Estate later call themselves the National

Social inequality
was also one the causes of the French Revolution.   Socially France still
operated under a feudal class system called the “Ancien Regime,” or
“Old Order” in the 18th century.  The top of the “Ancien
Regime” was the absolute monarch.  Then the “Ancien Regime”
divided French society into three groups, called the Estates.  

First Estate included the Roman Catholic Clergy which made up 1% of the
population.  The First Estate had many privileges that most of French
society did not, including exemption from taxation and many laws.  The
Second Estate was the French nobility and made up less than 2% of the
population.  The nobility was the wealthiest class in French society, but
paid few taxes.  The Third Estate included over 95% of the French
population.  The Third Estate included groups that paid most of the French
taxes, but had no role in government.  The Third Estate included the
bourgeoise, the growing professional and merchant class, the san culottes, the
working class and artisans, and the peasants, who were typically miserably
poor. Politically each Estate had a vote in a representative body called the
Estates General.  The Estate-General only was called to meet when
warranted by King Louis XVI.  Each Estate only had one vote and typically
the First and Second Estate would vote together making it difficult for the
Third Estate to make positive changes.  It was unfair for the Third Estate
to have only one vote since over 95% of the population belonged to the Third
Estate. To try to make things more “fair” now there was 600 people to represent
the third estate, that made no difference. The third estate wanted the vote to
go by person not by estate but obviously that would not work good for the first
two estates. The Third Estate later call themselves the National Assembly. The members
take Tennis Court Oath, pledging to not cease meeting until they create a new France

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I think the main reason the French Revolution began was
because of the economic issues, people could see how the Queen and King were
living in luxury. While the country was struggling with food and still being
heavy taxed. If it weren’t for the economic issues I think the Revolution would
never would have happened. Although, in the end it was the best thing that could
have happened to France, it no longer is governor by absolute monarchism. It is
to bad that a lot of people had to die for it. The Revolution brought ideas of
democracy, equality and liberty to the entire world.