Social could not afford the equipment and training. It

Social class can determine a group of people
who share an economic position in society of based on their income, wealth,
education, occupation and social connections. These factors can affect how one
will perform in a sport. Members of the lower
social class are more likely to partake in unorganized play than to participate
in organized leagues. Also, many members of the lower class pursue sports with
the dream of going professional. They believe that if they make it to the big
leagues, they will make the big bucks, allowing for social mobility. With this
vision of a better life for themselves and their families, lower class athletes
feel more pressure to succeed and eventually become professional athletes. 

People of higher social
class will have the choice to compete in the more expensive sports, while
people in middle to lower classes are forced to play sports that do not require
a huge budget to participate, such as soccer, wrestling, baseball, and
basketball. Furthermore, due to certain social class involvement in certain
sports, society has created a divided sports world, with social consequences
being carried with involvement in certain sports worldwide.

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For those who have a high social class will
have an advantage as they have the financial stability to get the resources
they need. Also, they have the social mobility to interact with people who have
been playing the elite sport. This shows that there are no participants who are
from the low and middle social class as they could not afford the equipment and

It is very difficult for athletes in developing
countries to gain recognition worldwide, and even if they do, the money they
will make will come from developed countries with elite training facilities and
techniques that are readily available, keeping the poor countries poor and
making the rich countries richer.

Some athletes however, break the mould and turn
their lives and socioeconomic status to a complete turn. In a scenario, where
an extremely high paid athlete with high socioeconomic status remains playing a
sport that is mostly prevalent in the lower class around the world. However,
this can serve as an inspiration to those who dream of making it out of the
lower classes and onto the higher class, which is called upward mobility.  

For Manny Pacquiao, he came from a poor
family and hence his socio-economic status is poor. This affects his ability to
become known as he does not have the financial stability to go to a proper
place and train. There is also a lack of social connections as he does not have
the social mobility to know anybody who is in boxing. He started boxing when
his close friend had passed away. Also, boxing does not require much equipment
hence it is easier for him to engage in the sport. But, his passion and skills
has helped to climb up the social ladder and made him one of the richest boxers
in the world. He has been pursuing his career for the sake of his country as
well as he represents Philippines when he is competing.

 In conclusion,
new opportunities are created for athletes
worldwide and the potential for sports to change people’s lives is an important
motivating factor in life as anyone can become good in their own sport if they
have the skills and passion for it.