SMS procedures for safety related matters. Safety Management System

SMS is a proactive and integrated approach to managing safety including the necessary organisational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. It is more than a manual and a set of procedures and requires safety management to be integrated into the day to day activities of the organisation. It requires the development of an organisational culture that reflects the safety policy and objectives. At the core of the SMS is a formal risk management process that identifies hazards and assesses and mitigates risk. It is important to recognise that even with mitigations in place, some residual risk will remain and an effective SMS will enable organisations to manage this.  Risks generated by contracted activities and other third parties should also be considered. Therefore, when the organisation has a formal agreement with another organisation this should include provisions for the management of safety. This should also include reporting procedures for safety related matters.   Safety Management System implementation  For many organisations there will be some elements of an SMS already in place so carrying out a gap analysis is the first step. The CAA Phase 1 SMS evaluation framework is available on the CAA website and forms the basis of the CAA’s initial assessment of an organisation’s SMS. There are two versions one for complex organisations and a simpler version for non-complex organisations. For help in determining whether an organisation is complex or non complex please refer to the appropriate EASA requirements.  Where gaps have been identified these should be included in an implementation plan. The plan should detail the gaps and the actions to be taken (what, when and by whom) to implement an SMS. The plan should be developed to allow prioritising of the different elements over a period of time. Building an SMS overnight will be far too challenging and a step by step approach will deliver a more effective SMS in the end