Since the new lead for management for success, however

Since structures are created to best construct successful
organizations, each company adopts / implements one that best describes and
defines its companies objectives, while clearly delineating lines of authority,
power, responsibilities and accountabilities, right of information and sharing
and employees specific roles. Nonetheless, a company could very often go
through an indulgent process of altercate proportions until an organization
ascertains the best organizational style to use in order to meet all planned
objectives and business principles.

The success of a company often depends on what type of management
and leaders it has, thus; reflecting on organizational and cultural structure,
employee’s motivational drives and company’s productivity indexes. This core
drives for a company success can only be accomplished by a true implementation
of this aspects as the fundamentals for a controlled and successful system
which can be maintained or even revolutionized in a constantly changing market
and moving economy. 

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A Company Organizational Structure should be functional and
practical as their have to meet a specific business objective aiming on
production, company values and deliverables. Having a collaborative structure
and working as a single team, has become the new lead for management for
success, however not always this is the case in organizational structures as a
more sixteen century (16th) styles is preferable – Bureaucratic
or Post-Bureaucratic.

Like many companies, SLB has also gone through a likely process,
until wisest words (theories) could be transformed into strategic /manageable
organizational structures. Today, SLB uses a Matrix Structure within its main operational divisions. However,
there is another side on how the companies structure is run; ” board’s
leadership structure its reviewed annually, and may be modify to best address
the Company’s Stakeholders interests as the market “unpredictable
“circumstances change, to best protect the interests of  stockholders. This however shall be agreed
among all board members.” (SLB-Corporate
Governance Journal). Therefore,
there are key business principles the company thoroughly follows:

Attention To The Market

Return Of Investment Out Of What The Clients Want

In What
Or Where To Invest

Investment as outcomes are expected

The company is divided into various sub-autonomous “segments” each
with specific services, products and areas of expertise as a way to better
support its strategic and economic objectives, thus bringing more value into
the company’s value chain. This autonomy, gives each segment better control of
knowledge (personnel) accordingly to the segments core business, common culture
and human resources motivational aspects. SLB also made sure that all
departments/teams have to operate in a cross functional manner better respond the
rapid changes in market and has been quite successful in the integration of
services (hardware’s, software, tools) and human expertise. Furthermore, this
type of decentralization simplifies the decision-making process, as it   makes
it more lateral (cut across the old-style vertical lines of functional
authority – the single point of contact), thus greatly speeding it in order to pursue
that clear corporate objectives. Also, it greatly reduces rework and increasing
knowledge transfer to the lower levels of the organization.