Since been trying to incorporate the deep learning techniques.

Since the innovation of the computers, scientists have been working on machine learning – Artificial Intelligence techniques. The article and the video are very educational. In my major of MSBIA, it intrigues me to research about the topic. I found about how the neural networks and deep learning provide the best solutions to many challenges in image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. I also got to know about how the computer (machine) responds to the given tasks by the users.

The best example in today’s time, Google is such a humongous search engine which has been trying to incorporate the deep learning techniques. It processes gigs of information and returns the output in fraction of the seconds. This is an astonishing achievement in the field of the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The accuracy level increases as the user inputs more concrete data to the machine. We can find numerous products applications in this field of AI such as Google Assistant, Google Home, Siri (Apple), Tesla’s Autopilot Cars, Facebook’s Photo Tagging in various fields etc. Coming from the healthcare field, I also comprehend that image recognition technology can be a huge substitute in the Radiology field in the coming years.

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There are critics such as Palm computing founder Jeff Hawkins who opines that the deep learning and the human brain function differently, in terms of processing the moving and the still image. There’s not a universal opinion about total similarity in the functioning of the Artificial Intelligence and the human brain but the development and the innovations in the last decade seems very promising in AI field and explains the similarities between brain and deep learning.

Improved agility and the precision will provide sounder image in this field in the coming years and will enormously decrease human dependency and will lead the world towards more and more autonomous.