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Should cell phones be prohibited in University Classrooms?   Nowadays, technology has spread in various regions of the world. Also, Technologies have many types, but the one that appears to be widely used among people of all ages, are cell phones. According to Hillary, “there are 4 billion cell phones in use today.”1 One of smartphones usage is in education and among students. In college, teachers notice that students are very attached to their cell phones, and they use it almost at any time and everywhere even inside classrooms. There’s no doubt that smartphones have remarkable capabilities which could help students; however, cellphones sometimes can create problems for students more than they solve, so it should be prohibited during classes.                  Many students believe that cell phones should be used in college especially during classes because it is an efficient way for learning.For instance, students who study languages would prefer to look up for the unfamiliar words with the electronic dictionary in their mobile devices. Even though I accept their claim partially, cell phones, which can be used to help a student to search about foreign words, cell phones can also be used to help students cheat very quickly because the correct answers can be saved on the smartphones, or it can also be located very readily in the internet. Moreover, cell phones are a huge distraction. One minute when the students are looking for words, suddenly they find themselves get busy with social media and other apps and probably forgot about the words that they wanted to translate. Therefore, cell phones should be prohibited during classes.Some other students argue that using the cell phones during classes is fine and not rude at all. While if they take a moment and put themselves in the teacher’s place, they would have understood how insulting is it to not pay attention to the person who is working so hard just to make the students learn something new. Besides, any moment students have wasted on their cell phones has numerous consequences. For example, one of the main outcomes is the teacher may assume that the students do not care about the class, so the teacher will stop teaching and leave the class. Besides, students may not be able to understand the lectures, and that will make it hard for the students to performwell in exams and eventually their GPA will be low.           All in all, Despite what many students argue, allowing cell phones during classrooms would not be a good idea. The primary goal of going to school is to learn, and some students demand the usage of cell phones to ensure the learning process is active. On the other hand, cell phones can get in the way of learning by distraction and be one of the ways that students could use to cheat.Also, cell phones are considered to be incredibly inappropriate and rude during classes which are the fact that many students do not seem to acknowledge. Therefore, students should not be able to bring their smartphones to the classrooms.