SELF usually consiting of a minimum of eight hours,

SELF REFLECTION DOCUMENTINTRODUCTIONOver the last two blocks, I have done my internship at Wind Tales B.V. A relatively small indie games company which specialises in the creation of serious health games. The game I have been working on is also called ‘Wind Tales’, which is a 2D platformer game, designed to aid lung patients in their daily lung exercises.Currently, the compliance rate of these exercises amongst patients is extremely low, due to the repetitively dull routine of breathing into a bland device. Wind Tales is set on bringing something fun to the health sector. Through an interactive and engaging way for patients to perform their necessary breathing exercises, Wind Tales aims to help those suffering with Cystic Fibrosis to seek enjoyment into their daily breathing routine.For this reflection, I would like to discuss my old health habits and daily routine versus my change in both physical and mental awareness.COMPLEXITYA very important topic held among the video industry is the topic of health.It is commonly known for gamers (hardcore) and game developers to develop very poor lifestyle choices. Whether it be a poor regime, bad diet, lack of exercise or social presence, falling short in just one of these areas can be ebough to leave you feeling very unproductive.Not only are gamers developers not getting the amount of exercise required, but to make it worse, research has linked sitting in front of the computer for more than five hours per day to dramitically increasing the risk of depression and insomnia.( top it off, in conjunction with working day usually consiting of a minimum of eight hours, usually involves a lot of snacking on a wide range of processed foods, since eating an appropriately healthy meal is not convenient within the workplace. Sadly, most of these foods that are convenient timesavers are either nutritionally vacuous, or are downright unhealthy. was very fortunate to have attended the introduction day during my 2nd year, having talks from the industry on the importance of healthy living and how we can go about maximising our efficiency and avoid making lifestyle choices that could have a negative impact on us.This was a turning point for me. I would use this lesson to take more consideration into my health and lifestyle choices. This was the first wake up call I needed and I consider myself very privileged to have had it.TRANSFERIn my 4th year, I was accepted for an internship at the Wind Tales game company located in Limburg. This would be the first time I lived more than 20 minutes away from my work place. Coming from my 3rd year, I had spent the remaining two years living aross the road from Nhtv, which meant I was used to waking up at 08:30 and into project lab by 09:00.After school, I had all my free time in the evening to socialise with friends, hit the gym for some physical activity or simply relax at home and get an early nights rest, ready for the working day. As I write this I am envious of my former self and how easy I had it in terms of location, travel and social opportunities, being within an international environment.Starting my first day at Wind Tales, was a complete shock to my system and circadium rythm. I was up and out at 07:00 to catch the train from Breda to Eindhoven, where I would switch trains to Venlo, reaching my work placement at 08:50.I now had to take into account roughly 3-4 hours per day on travelling on top of the 8 hour internship, not including break times. Within the first week I began to lose any excitement, desire or passion to work on the project. I was leaving the internship at 17:30 and arriving home around 20:00, feeling very restless and anti-social.The thought of going to the gym was too much and I found myself neglecting my health, my social activities and my reasonably nutritious diet in exchange for takeaways for convenience. I spent my weekend resting up and pretty much wasting it.My lifestyle at this point was really taking its toll on me both mentally and physically. I felt like I was never getting my necessary rest. I felt completely destroyed, with barely enough energy to cook or work on my panel objectives. I had to cut out the gym and this really started to show. I felt like I was having a burnout and started to get anxiety and symptoms of depression.I felt my sanity slipping and often found that I had passed out at my desk. I knew something was wrong, and I had to find a solution, otherwise I would fail at all of them. I was really trying to keep up with everything, but sadly, cracks were starting to show and my supervisor was noticing. He had arranged for my unofficial (concept) midterm assessment during my 4th week to give me insight to my progress as it stands and where it needs to improve.I began to read up on personal health and found Head Strong – the bulletproof plan to activate untapped energy to work smarter and think faster, written by Dave Asprey. Having learned all of the possible causes, I was able to narrow down to a loss of time. This is when I made the decision to move to Limburg, to be closer to my internship and recover the much needed time throughout the day I had spent on travelling. began researching the amount of time I would save on travel time if I were to travel from Venlo. This would save me 2.5 hours per day and enable me enough time to finish work and head to the gym, shop for food high in nutrients with a little extra time resting.I took the first studio I could find and moved in that same week. Despite the stress, once the move was over I was already noticing a great change in my mood and energy levels. Within a week of moving, I was feeling very proactive, taking initiative with my tasks and generally working more productively.I was able to put a lot of love into my side project, iterating only twice before the company of Wind Tales and the external client both approved and signed it off. I now have a nice addition to my portfolio once the product is released as it is still under NDA.Regarding my tasks at Wind Tales, I was bale to convince the team to use the Fmod plugin middleware and have been able to design enough prefabs to keep the art department busy. I was able to keep a steay workflow and positive attitude throughout the rest of my time here at Wind Tales.When it was time for my midterm assessment I was very surprised to have received nothing short of praise to the suitability of the placement. I felt really appreciated and a part of the team.CONCLUSIONLooking back at my productivity during my third year, it was very high in comparison to my first 5-6 weeks at Wind Tales. It is easy to see the reason behind it, but to make those changes is easier said than done. It comes down to so many factors of your life. Some are unavoidable, some are not, some are changeable within a short timespan whereas others are not.Due to my own circumstances, it was evident that the time I was losing during my travels was the main cause of my downfall. I had less time to work on my personal objectives, spend socialising or exercising, missing the food stores and unavoidably having to make cuts to the activities that were just as important, but unnappreciated in the workplace.If I told were to tell my boss I did not get job-x done because I went to the gym, he is not going to see that it as something vital to my overall productivity. He will see it as failure in a form of incompetence.This internship in terms of my own personal lifestyle and the challenges it gave me, have really opened my eyes to the importance of a healthy, active and social lifestyle. Light pollution is a thing that many of us are unaware of, and even staring at a computer screen is enough to effect your circadium rythm.I hope whoever reads this have become even just a little more aware of the importance of lifestyle choices. Even saving just an hour a day can truly make a difference on the activites or options that will become available to you. I will always ensure that I get the right balance of nutrients in my diet, activities unrelated to my work, a training regiment that is manageable and 7-8 hours of sleep. I will use the techniques taught in ‘HeadStrong’ to maximise my potential.word count: 1500