Self-discovery, family issues can make this process difficult. The

Self-discovery, being in search of your interests, drifting into space and not knowing where to hold on…These and similar situations experienced by an average high school student leads to mental and physical damage that is often unsuccessful to get over with. This course, which I envision, will be prepared in a supportive way with professionals in order to help the high school students in their search process and overcome without getting any harm. A human being is a faulty entity, but it does not come from the essence of the humanity. The events happened in the school area, the bad words said towards, “cool” kids making fun of or feeling lonely sharpens this essence like a knife. And the sharpness of knife depends on the life experiences. We all know that the adolescence process plays an important role in character formation. Many daily life problems such as choice of occupation, emotional turmoil or family issues can make this process difficult. The course’s name will be the “Safe Zone” which is pretty self-explanatory. Students will be able to feel comfortable in a stress-free environment. Unrealistic academic or social expectations can create a strong sense of rejection and can lead to deep disappointment. When things go wrong at school or at home, teens often overreact so they turn their backs on happiness, which lead them to miss all the positive things happening in life. They will make new friends, provide healthy relationships with peers, participate in school clubs or sports. When they feel depressed there are plenty of students who can help and cheer as well as teachers. I am thinking of this course because teens’ inner worlds are unfortunately full of negativity, which leads them to do stupid things such as suicide. An uncontrolled sharpened knife will cause deep injury. This program, which I think of, will teach high school students the right way to use their knives, and this process will lead to the most efficient conclusion.