‘Selecting here which has such a large and well-organized

‘Selecting the right college to attend is an
investment into a young man or woman’s future.’ Choosing a college to apply for
my A Levels has not been a difficult decision for me as I am sure that Nixor should be my first
preference because my siblings too have done their A levels from here and had
an amazing experience throughout which have motivated me to become a part of
Nixor as well.

Indeed, it
is among one of the leading A Level Institutions and I believe that I cannot
get any better college than Nixor in Karachi. It has always been a bright
name in all the activities when it comes to different known schools coming to a
single platform and so for me Nixor becomes a wise choice to continue with my

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The Nixor College has brought up
the level of education on a very high tier. It really grooms students for their
university life. Its educational programs are the most fascinating to me. The
college seems particularly well-suited to motivate individuals who are driven
to secure their own success. I have heard amazing things about
the Nixor faculty which have further encouraged me strongly to join Nixor. I am
enthusiastic about studying with many of the well-known teachers who teach

Nixor is known
for its unique and outstanding qualities. It has a strict anti-tuition policy
which encourages students to be punctual in classes. The administration claims
to take full responsibility for a child’s learning and provides extra
mechanisms such as teaching assistants, peer-learning and remedial classes for
students who need extra assistance and for the ones who still find class time
too less.

it gives an autonomy to students to choose their preferred teacher for each
subject so they can study with the teacher of their own choice. It allows their
students to take as many subjects as they wish according to their interests
without restricting them with any maximum limit which I believe is an
outstanding policy.

The most impressive thing I find about
Nixor are the different entities it has. It is the only institution here which has
such a large and well-organized corporate system where student run entities and
pull off large-scale events like the ‘House of Dreams Water Carnival’. It
develops professionalism among students making them ready for their
professional lives. It also enhances the different qualities in students such
as time management, teamwork and leadership which really helps them in their

With a
restless spirit and fierce eagerness to learn, I believe I would be a great
asset to Nixor’s student body. I plan to persuade my education with a new kind
passion, one that becomes stronger for me every day which is the passion for knowledge
and learning. I can add energy, motivation, and most importantly, a learning
attitude to other students. Being a good student in academics, social and
outgoing assume that I would be a good fit for Nixor. As I am ambitious and
determinant, I strive hard until I get what I am aiming for. Whenever I get a task, I make sure to put in all of my effort and
complete it perfectly on time. I am a passionate and hardworking student as I strongly believe, success is
the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures. Nixor might be
a challenge for me but there is no fun in life without
challenges. I am looking forward to have a wonderful experience being a part of
Nixor College and hope to
raise the name of ‘Sharks’ by my devotion and dedication.