Secondly, Swain of Clemson University, reviewing more than 200

Secondly, development of the companies’ sustainable approach aid the business in streamlining effort and conserving resources that led to minimization of operational cost and waste reduction. GE lighting redesigned their headquarters in the Merrimak building, Madrid by replacing all of their fluorescent lamp with their GE Lighting’s Lumination™ LED luminaire. They saved more than 57% of energy usage while also improving the lighting quality inside the building. 405 GE lighting’s 600mm x 600mm Lumination™ LED luminaires replaced the 735 TL 3 x 18W luminaires in their main office. Operational cost is calculated based on lux and daily operational hours in 5 years time after the application, the result shows that the company could save up to €115,000 in electricity and €20,000 on maintenance, while receiving their venture capital after 3 years of application. It can be costly to renovate offices but the long term profits justify this form of investment. Another advantage from green office is the improvement of employee’s productivity. Employees took pride for the place they’re working with. Knowing that the company they work for implement CSR and is active in charity and philanthropy works, enhance their moral value and engagement. A research in May 2014 on American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing done by Daniel Korschun of Drexel University, C.B. Bhattacharya of the European School of Management and Technology, and Scott D. Swain of Clemson University, reviewing more than 200 front offices employees across 500 global financial companies shared their view on working with sustainable businesses. The survey stated that the employees feel the real impact firsthand because it makes them easier to communicate to both company and the customers. The authors claimed that the customer and the employee most of the time shared similar interest on CSR, consequently it lighten the tension between them, which will then improve the quality of the communication and delivery of information. This can be motivating for the employee since they think that their job gets easier, therefore improving their work productivity.
As CSR improves the organizations reputation