Scientist dreamed about for millennials of years, finding another

  Scientist have tried to find something that people have
dreamed about for millennials of years, finding another earth. The first
discovery of a planet that was similar to ours orbited a star that was almost
the same size as the star we orbit and was an amazing find. But on April 2015
astronomers discovered a planet that was very similar to ours called
Kepler-452b or a more common name earth 2.0                

                  What is kepler-452b?

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            Scientists using data from NASA’s Kepler
mission have confirmed that they have found the first near earth size planet
very similar to earth called Kepler-452b which is special because it is earth’s
doppelganger sharing many of the same characteristics.


         Earth and kepler-452b have many
similarities for example earth orbits something called the circumstellar
habitable zone (CHZ) or commonly referred to as the Goldilocks Zone which is
the zone around the sun were the temperature is not to hot nor to cold.

earth was behind the goldilocks zone than earth would be too cold and would be
not suitable for life, and if it were behind the goldilocks zone than it would
be too hot, resulting in the same fate.

similarity would be water, scientist think that Kepler-452b has liquid water
and active volcanoes but sadly these are only guesses based on modeling work.
Since kepler-452b is in the goldilocks zone it should have water.

Finally, both earth and Kepler-452b orbit a G2V-type star which is
almost the same mass as the sun which earth orbits, kepler-452 is what
kepler-452b orbits and kepler-452 is about 3.7% more massive than the sun.
Kepler-452 is almost the exact same temperature as the sun.



may think that kepler-452b is almost the exact same as earth because of its nick name earth 2.0 or earth’s cousin
but it’s not, kepler-452b has many differences one of the many differences is
that kepler-452b is almost all rock with barley any water if there were any
water it would be mostly small rivers or lakes. Another difference is that
kepler-452b orbits its sun every 384 days instead of 365 days like earth. It is
also 60% larger then earth, which means this planet is much bigger than ours.

Kepler-452b is also much older than earth, around 1.5 billion years
older When earth 4.54 billion years old. So earth is kind of kepler-452b’s
younger cousin.