Science Fiction, a vast genre filled with books ranging

Science Fiction, a vast genre filled with books ranging
from explaining the extended universe and all of existence to a book about a
boy being able to make food appear in front of him. The science fiction genre
has been fixated on certain conventions over the years. Recently in science
fiction movies, it’s been the superhero/superpower convention with the good vs.

evil story usually ending with good prevailing. The other conventions of
science fiction include the futuristic earth with new technologies, maybe the
setting is set on the other end of the universe or time itself. Though ‘War of
the Worlds’ fits comfortably in the science fiction genre, it also challenges
the genre by disregarding its common preconception that it fits into its own

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            Most of
the science fiction novels or films that I have enjoyed throughout the years
each seem to share common themes within them. The setting, usually set in the
future, an alternative timeline, or an historical past that contradicts
historical records. Usually outer space, other worlds, or alternative versions
of earth. It gives a different setting to the present, allowing viewers/readers
to see the narrative from a more neutral perspective. It places the unfamiliar
and alien in the context of the familiar.

common theme within science is how the convey their narrative content. The
conflict between good and evil as well as the he development and/or application
of a new technology (e.g. nanotechnology, robots, spaceships), new scientific
principles (e.g. time-travel), and new political systems (e.g. dystopian/utopian
societies). It is used to create a dialogue between these new ideas
(technology, scientific principles, and political systems) and the
technological/scientific imagination of the viewers.

subtler theme is the symbolism of futuristic elements. Futuristic props,
costume and setting that represent the scientific advancement at the center of
the film. Science Fiction films seek to make us believe in the images we
are viewing. They use somewhat familiar elements of technology in a fictional
way that helps to make the connection between fiction and reality. The use of
fictional science elements is used to enable pivotal developments in the plot.

            The one
theme that fits best with ‘War of the Worlds’ is the Alien Invasion narrative. In
this narrative, extra-terrestrials invade Earth with the intent to replace
human life, or enslave it. Similarly, there are many sci-fi films when robots
rebel against mankind. An example is ‘I, Robot’ where the protagonist who
wasn’t a fan of the robots in the first place, fights back against the robots
everybody loves. From time to time there are narratives where human
interference in extra- terrestrial life leads to revenge from the Alien
invasion and the destruction of earth, these narratives are commonly seen in
sci-fi films however some of these narratives are mixed with other narratives,
as a result making the film more interesting and unique.

on the movie screen, science fiction is mainly represented by the
superhero/superpower subgenre, science fiction represented in books are much
more diverse.  

Science fiction is a genre
of fiction in which the stories often tell about science and technology of the
future. It is important to note that science fiction has a relationship with
the principles of science. These stories involve partially true and
partially fictitious laws or theories of science. It should not be
completely unbelievable, because it then ventures into the genre

are two known types of science fiction, soft and hard science fiction. Hard
science fiction, or “hard SF”, is characterized by rigorous attention
to accurate detail in the natural sciences, especially physics, astrophysics,
and chemistry, biology or on accurately depicting worlds that
more advanced technology may make possible. Some accurate predictions of the
future come from the hard science fiction subgenre, but numerous
inaccurate predictions have emerged as well. The description “soft”
science fiction may describe works based on social sciences such
as psychology, economics, political science, sociology,
and anthropology.  The term can describe stories focused primarily on
character and emotion.

            Now it
was hard to describe how “War of the Worlds” departs from science fiction when
really it fits in pretty well. In the book, Martians attack from outer space.

Until the Martians really attack,
that counts as science fiction for us. It contains your basic elements for an
alien invasion story. Aliens invading Earth to spread their rule, advanced
technology far superior than those of Earth. Set in an alternative time where
Aliens invade the planet, if you were to read the book now though its set in
the past however when it was released it was present time. Also, the novel has
Aliens in it. Not yet proven to exist, Aliens have been a scientific
theory/idea to the world for decades. What this book does is it just brings
that possibility to life.

people could make the argument of how it strays from its genre. One example is
that it can be a part of the adventure genre. In “The War of the Worlds” there’s danger and a lot of running and
hiding, which some might consider a component of adventure. While the narrator
occasionally talks about how he’s trying to find his wife, he doesn’t really do
such a great job of trying to get to her. Mostly he just runs away from the

            One very
made known way of how it departs from science fiction is the argument of it
becoming a war novel. Although the narrator isn’t a soldier, you see the
effects on him a refugee of war. After all, the refugee’s story is still a
story of the war. Lastly, the Martians are monsters through most of the
text. They are horrifyingly different from humans, they suck blood, and they
are unstoppable. That sounds like a nightmare, so you could read this text
partly as a horror story.