Schindler’s his connections in the business community. Very soon

Schindler’s list recollects the life of Oskar Schindler and how he comes to poland in search of material wealth but leaves saving the lives of over 1100 jews who would most certainly have perished. The film focuses on how schindler comes to the realization that concentration labor camps are absolutely wrong and that many people were dying through no fault of their own. Gradually came to be as the business man, oskar turned into the saviour of the jews that had brought him so much wealth. This film is also a story of how good can overcome evil and how charity can overcome greed.   Schindler comes to the polish city of Cracow. It has been 6weeks since the Germans took the city and schindler sees great opportunity as an enterpreneur would. Favourable to schindler, Carcow represents a place of unlimited possibilitiea because of the current economic disorder and cheap labor. Upon his arrival on Carcow he meets Itzak Stern, a jewish accountant and schindler was very much impressed with his connections in the  business community. Very soon schindler and stern are on their way to the creation of a factory that would run on jewish labor.                  Around this time, the persecution of the jews of poland begins witj their forced relocation into ghettos. This bevame very much favourable to schindler that now he is able to get very cheap labor and it will help him to turn his factory into a great profit. He gained lot of money. His workers were also very happy. This is because svhindler’s people were treated as humans as opposed to being treated as animals. For them, working in schindler’s factory was an escape from the ghetto and from much German cruelty. They loved schindler so much that his factory became known as a heaven throughout the jewish community.              Slowly schindler also develops the deep compassion and understanding for the jews around him, especially in the picture’s penultimate scene, where he breaks down in shame for not having done more.          As Schindler had grown so affectionate toward his jewish workers that he wants to keep them with him. As the carcow jews were relocated to the plascow labor camp as a part of liquidation, oskar schi dler came into direct dealings with the camp’s directo Amon Goeth. Amon agreed to let schindler use them and thus saving his jews from some of the harshness of the Plaszow labor camp.       During the liquidation of the ghetto, schi dler spots a little girl running through the streets in a red coat. It is one of the only instances of color used in the whole film, wuth the red coat standing out stark contrast to the rest of the black and white scene. By seeing her, oskar sees the chaos of the liquidationand gets punchedin the gut with the horror of it all. Its a powerful way to individualize the horror. Its easy to become numbto the murder of millions. And just so we’re absolutely clear about the “killed part”, spielberg returns to the red coat a second time… When her body is in a wheel barrow headed to be burned with thousands of other corpses. Its ashocking moment.           Its not hard to make a Nazi look bad. Its the precious balance of humanity and cruelty that drives this picture many disconnected scenes. Like when german officials tell jews boarding a passenger trainthey’ll eventually be reunited with their belongings, yet we see the Nazis riffling through their valuables in the very next scene. Or the frightening reality  of jewish woman piercing  their own fingertips for blood to use as makeup for their faces, so they dont appear too sickly and unworthy of living.      As the war become unfavourable to Germans, theydecided to accelerate their final solution bysending the jews to Auchwitz. This  is the time when oskar schindler reaches the realization that he had the power ti to help his people. The now enlightened schindler decides tosave the entire jewish from the gas chamber of Auchwitz. Schindler knows Goethe is open to bribea and as he examines his wealth, schindler rwalizes he. May be able to buy the jews from Goethe. Stern’s prononuncement of the list as an absolute good is significant as it shoes the total switch in morals and virtue for schindler.     Schindler’s conversation with Goethe about Helen shows Goethe’s special attachment ro his maid. Despite how cruel he towards her, Goethe fantasizes about bringing her to vienna with him and growing old at her side. It is a very personal struggle, and he only speaks all these about to schindler because he knows that schindler already knows everything about that and will not judge him harshly. Goethe realises that to protect this woman who he so much attached, she must send with schindler. This denotes that Goethe knows infact schindler’s motive in buying the jews, but does not and will not say anything to stop him.    The next scene follows the women’s accidental stint in Aushwitz provides a stack contrast to Zwittan Brinnlitz. The floating ashes, harsh guards, required short haircuts and threat of mass extermination put schindler.’s bright factory with inactive guards into perspective. The Aushwitz accident also further exemplifies that schindler is willing to go at any extent inorder to protect the jews o  his list. He shows a fierce loyalty to them, bribing a commander to reclaim them and assuring that they all should sent safely onthe train to Moravia.     Multiple techniques areare used toshow the viewer that schindler’s factory is a haven. Schindler instructs his guards to not shoot and to not enter in to the factory floor. He allows the rabbi ti host a sabbath. He is also willing to go completely broke inorder to make sure that fewer artillery shells are produced for the Nazis.     Schindler’s acceptance of his destitute state illustrates the total change that overcome him throughout the war. He calmly accepts the fact that he no longer has any money, understanding that he lost his funds to save the livea of others. In conjunction with the end of the war, he have to shut down the factory anyway along with his bankruptcy     Schindler’s speech on the factory floor is one of the most moving  moments of the film. He extends his deepest thanks to the jews humbly. His motion to the Nazi soldiers is a risky one but one that represents his faith in humanity, despites the atrocities of the holocaust and disgust with his own party. The German army’s exit sends an upliftment message. Schindler’smoment of silence for the jews shows his immense respect for their people and the acknowledgement of their humanity that works directly against the frequent dehumanisation seen through out the rest of the film.     The ring presented to schindler is very significant and contains the msg if the entire film. That ring represents the immense reapext and gratitude schindler workers had for him. To have this scene not long before the execution of Goethe conveys the triumph of power by respect over power by fear. It is significant that the workers awaken on the top. Of railway tracks. Trains are used throughout the film as a symbol of passing on. Finally the jews have survived the Holocaust and have not been put on the deathly passage. They can stand buy the tracks without being hurt now.    Spielberg fades the actors into the real world survivors at the end inorder to promote cinematic realism and adhere to the genre of docu-drama.