Scheduling facilities include conference room, seating arrangement, technical hookups,

Scheduling Resources For NKA:

Location & Facilities:

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On initial basis we should outsource the location & facilities. Which have easy access, comfortable and reasonably priced. So, for a meeting room it will cost us around 50-55$ per hour. Though it’s a basic charge but we can add things as our customers demand. And if our project will get huge success we can also purchase some places for customers meeting purpose that’s how we can emerge and develop.

100% Accessibility:

No individual, even in their 8-hour day, is 100% accessible for venture planning. Accept the 80-20 administer, where 20% ought to stay open to the individual for managerial undertakings or slack.

Meeting Facility:

As mentioned in Location and Facilities point on initial basis we should outsource the meeting facilities. Meeting facilities include conference room, seating arrangement, technical hookups, speaker phones and other facilities as per customer demand.

No vacation:

Openness is of the utmost importance. Ensure we decide if our assets have really input their get-away into the online organizer or imparted them to us. They might be straightforwardly overseen by another person who didn’t impart that to us.


Ensure the dates we’re contributing line up with real logbook dates. Ideally our web based arranging device considers, notwithstanding for remote or universal groups.


Over troubling our group will just outcome in wear out. On the off chance that a task is time-delicate and we don’t have the accessible assets, discover another resource. Supporter for more subsidizing, more assets or additional time, and be a backer for your group.

Audio-Visuals and Technology requirements:

We can hire a technical person for a full day with Computer, Microphones, Data projector and other things as per customers’ requirements. It costs us around $800 for a day.

Food & Beverage:

We can hire full time catering services, or we can give order or outsource it as per our convenience. It will cost us about 25$ per person.