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Sandesh KarnaBritish/Western Lit.Per:201/16/018    “Humanity is the greatest human trait”, while the statement might be true. Over the course of human history, not every human has been treated the same. Ever since the first humans to modern times we’ve heard and learned about “Men” society being prioritized more. Women in past where not treat the way they should have been because they have shown not to have an important role in human history as well as in literature, but things have slowly changed for them. With evolution of literature, we also see the women’s role evolve.      Women in earlier literature, were considered to only have three jobs to be a mom, queen and prostitute. There were not given quiet as important role as male counterpart. Even though they were not shown to have a huge role, but they present voices that offer influence over the predominantly male group and often are the voice of reason with their husbands. These women should not be taken lightly. They include a peaceweaver, hostesses, and a monster. “There are six women in Beowulf who have major roles: Wealhtheow, Hygd, Freawaru, Hildeburh, Grendel’s mother, and Thryth, all of whom can be combined in corresponding pairs.”(Link 1) All of these women play an important role in shaping up the Epic poem Beowulf. Wealhtheow and Hygd are both queen who also exert influence over at the hall.   Hildeburh and Freawaru are both failed peaceweavers, but were peaceweaver nevertheless. And well Grendel’s mom is portrayed as monster.  But as the literacy progresses we see women’s role being more prominent. By 1300 century  we see author like Geoffrey Chaucer writing plays and poem where women are given a better role than just a sideline character. Even then the womens are obedient and submissive to male authority. Plays about Medieval Romance shines  light on women’s character and shows that women contributed hugely for the success of their male counterpart. As seen in movie “The Princess Bride” the character of Buttercup is seen to have the main role as a woman, who was separated from her one true lover Westley. Being one of twenty most beautiful women on the planet, she still has to go thru the hardship of being suppressed by Prince Humperdinck and using force to get what he wants getting seperated from her one true love. Her request of finding Westley often gets unheard and she is not allowed move around. The movie is centred around the character of Buttercup trying to find her love rather than a male character, which was a huge leap forward for that period. The involvement of women’s character in literacy evolves more in Shakespearean era. Two of the four main characters for Twelfth night were women. Even though, Viola was one of the main characters and she still had to disguise herself as a man in order to find her brother. Showing that even after numerous years people still felt women without a man by her side was no good. She runs into the shelters of the Duke, who was madly in love with Olivia and wanted her to fall for him. Generation had past, and now men had started respecting women, and like the Duke did not use his force to get Olivia and instead wanted her to feel the same way as he felt for her naturally. But what he fails to understand that there might a woman somewhere that is has mad love for him as he has for Olivia. The story also shines light that this was the first time period were women’s finally got there say about their love and this was the first literacy excerpt that showed women to start having privileges and exercise their rights and was the only time where a women’s weren’t undermined. Like Olivia got Sebastian and Viola got the Duke.Over the rich history of literature we have seen and experienced how people through saw and felt about women and how they were involved in the society. From being sideline character to to being main character to have the story based around them, these pieces for literature showed how women evolved as the literacy evolved. They helped in the success of all the literacy piece no matter what their role were. If everyone were to be given similar right since day one the things might have turned out different differently for everyone in the Society as a whole.SourceLink1-                           Porter, Dorothy Carr. “The Social Centrality of Women in Beowulf: A New Context.” Heroicage, 2001,