Rutwhij during maintenance.He exhibited his ability to work industriously

Rutwhij Shukla Letter of RecommendationProf. Shivling Mahaling PiseHead Department of Mechanical EngineeringKIT’s College of Engineering, KolhapurEmail IDI feel elated to be able to write this recommendation letter for our college alumnus Mr. Rutwhij Shukla to the admission committee. I have known him since his second year in Mechanical Engineering. I taught him several subjects over the duration of his undergraduate degree and found him a diligent student, who constantly strived to maintain a position among top 5% performers throughout in those subjects.I tutored Rutwhij in Strength of Material (SOM) & Machine Design (MD). He performed very well in those subjects. I have found him self-motivated and sincere since my first interaction with him and also, in the Final year of undergrad, Rutwhij approached me regarding a project idea he and his friends had. The idea seemed to have potential and they took up the project for the rest of the semester. ‘Design and Manufacturing of In-position re-boring machine for printing machines walls’ was the title of industry-sponsored project Rutwhij and his team working on. While doing the project work I observed his well-planned project tasks & strong grasp over technical know-how. I observed that he came up with more research than I expected on project activities. The meticulous planning and execution. Rutwhij did help in a successful project completion which demonstrated a reduction in downtime during maintenance.He exhibited his ability to work industriously and independently on the challenges given to him at all times. I am also aware of the internships he has completed at Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd. and Om Metallic in order to get more exposure to the practical use of theoretical knowledge. During his internships, he has taken extra efforts to develop an admirable understanding of Lean Manufacturing concepts like poka-yoke, Kaizen, Kanban and optimized manufacturing processes. He has gained in-depth knowledge of upcoming trends in manufacturing through National conference like Manufacturing Excellence through Lean, Green and Safe Practices and undergoing Six Sigma workshop to pursue advanced Certifications.Rutwhij has maintained an appreciable balance between academic and extracurricular pursuits without hampering the other. He was our NSS (National Service Scheme) departmental coordinator for two years. I believe training with NSS has instilled within him a sense of inner discipline, which he exploits very effectively in studies and event organizing. Along with that he also has participated in Society of Automotive Engineering Baja competitions. He has also worked as a governing member of ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) Students Chapter. Rutwhij also told me about his work in the Teardown-Benchmarking & Supplier Chain Management (SCM) at Tata Technologies Ltd., where he applied his leanings into the automotive industry. My association with him leaves me in an unbiased and suitable situation to endorse his capability to your institute. He will not only make the most of this opportunity but will prove himself as an asset to your university. The program will help him develop his inclination towards his field of interest and help him take courses of inter-disciplinary nature to get involved in research and design products encompassing these fields so as to advance his career and attain his aspirations. I highly recommend this young gentleman for the course he intends to take up at your institution. Please provide him with your favorable consideration. Kindly contact me in case you required more information.