RSA encryption provides better authentication and security. The Handshake

and ECC is compared with their key size, key generation, bandwidth and
efficiency RSA key generation is significantly slower than ECC key generation.
ECC is 10 time than that of RSA computational speed. Encryption in ECC is much
footer than RSA.ECC generate smaller key size. The enhanced ECC algorithm based
on network information security. The original operation efficiency and safety
performance can be increased by original dot product operation optimization and
square residual determination optimization algorithm and transformation to the
private key. ECC is used in OpenSSL security protocol for increasing the
security and speeding the access of information on web server. SSL normally
used RSA algorithm but enchaining OpenSSL by ECC will decrease the load of web
server due to its smaller key sizes. SSL protocol higher the work load and
response time of web server but it is important for that we have
RSA in SSL with ECC. which gives lesser response time of HTTPS. comparison has
a been done between RSA and ECC using file HTTPS transaction on different sizes
of file the result concludes the ECC HTTPS request handing time is less 11.


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Cryptographic algorithms is been used to ensure security in
communication channels and networks.  The
combinations of cryptographic algorithm for encryption and  decryption is  called as cipher suites, which have well
understood security properties. Therefore, compromising security of these
algorithms implies compromising security of communication systems that are
using them.

ECC cryptographic algorithm has been considered in cipher
suite for encryption between client and server. There is combination of
algorithm is included in cipher suites for handshake between client and server.
The ECC-based cipher suite is been negotiated by the client and server. The
Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman (ECDH) key exchange and the Elliptic Curve
Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) are elliptic curve counterparts of the well
know Diffie-Hellman and DSA algorithms, that has replaced Diffie Hellman and
DSA in cipher suite. Entire security depends on cipher suite used in SSL. For
improving the security and preventing double attack scalar multiplication of
ECC is performed.

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol uses a combination
of public-key and symmetric-key encryption. Symmetric-key encryption is much
faster than public-key encryption; but public-key encryption provides better
authentication and security. The Handshake protocol and the Record Layer protocol
are main component of SSL. The Handshake protocol is bee used by SSL client and
server to negotiate a common cipher suite, authenticate each other, and establish
a shared master secret using public-key. The Record Layer gets symmetric keys
from the master secret and uses them with faster symmetric-key algorithms for
bulk encryption and authentication of application data. Since public-key
operations are expensive in term of computation, the protocol’s designers
provided the ability for a client and server to reuse a previously established
master secret. This ability of session reuse is also known as “session
resumption”. 11