Ritesh products. In that case, I say that chicken

Manera 10B                           COURSEWORK                ENGLISH LANGUAGE


When I am in
public places like malls, parks, and streets there are advertisements talking
about Vegan, Veganism and Vegan diets. Some people look at it and ask what is a
‘Vegan’ and after telling them they ask me “Are you a Vegan”. Yes, it
seems like it is an odd, and people do find vegans odd. When I reply I am one,
they say how can some live without eating any non-veg and milk products.

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In that case, I
say that chicken was also a body who wanted to live to its fullest life and
enjoy it. Then coming to the milk, it is a nutritious source of growth of the
mother’ s new born Calf. And if the calf was male it was probably slaughtered
for Veal. Yes, now slaughtering of baby animals is a good one to start an
awkward conservation which none of us would like to have.


Some of us are
born Vegans and the other who usually become Vegan are because of their own
personal choice or you can say they are moving towards a health crisis, or you
can say after meeting a farm animal who they love and are apparently considered
as “Food”. That was my lifestyle. I was 21 before I understood living
was a lie, like in the first place calling myself an animal lover then eating
them on the other hand. Now, being a Vegan brings my mind to peace and helps me
understand nature better.


I find it
unacceptable that Vegans are widely disliked in this so called a world of
‘lies’, but I am not surprised. Our thinking is that animals are neither
objects or ingredients is a perspective that people find challenging. It is Our
choice not to eat or wear animal products, and this makes people think about
their relationship with animals and nature. The people who love animals, don’t
want to think about them being cruelly treated and slaughtered. This is faced
by Vegans and Non-Vegans need to think about it, or else this should be taken
up globally and that too quick.

While going through the
Internet I came across this man named Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, he was in a
weight-loss camp where he went to lose some of his 300 pounds, he was dismissed
then two PETA- sponsored Vegans who brought him a basket of Vegan treats during
one of his weekly weigh-ins. He didn’t even look at their faces and when
reporters asked him about those Vegans he disrupted and dismissed the session,
is that how someone should treat other just because they are Vegans.

He should have relaxed upon
his honor and not done those things. Veganism is just a way where the life is
not forced upon nature. Vegans are not people who go to others houses to make
false alarms, they are not people who are forced by someone to live, it’s just
that they are deeply fond of animals and care about other hungry people in the


Vegans mean it
when they say they love the animals and nature. 
A recent had lot pics of animals and pets with their owners with a
caption saying “Why to love one but eat other?” and the questions
raised do bother people. A user of social media, on the forum, wrote:
“Those who don’t eat meat, I can empathize with you also need to get off
your soapboxes.”


It is satisfying
to me, the irony of being told to get off my soapbox from someone who is firmly
holding on his or her. Non-Vegans have been doing more than having their fair
share for a long time. In my time, fast-food brands like McDonald’s and Burger
King throw out their beliefs and products on us for lot many times through
Television, newspaper ads, the internet and coupon flyers into our mailbox.


Some countries
have their government forcing Vegans to subsidize the meat, veal, beef and
dairy industries through taxation. With this, they are successful to hide the
cruelty of meat and dairy industries from the public. Once when I was talking
about an item in the ads of Veganism some people near comment on it that why I
bother with animals when there is so much human suffering in the world without
food. I love such question because I like to make people aware about the
freedom of animals and human freedom as being interrupted.


Albert Einstein,
one of the greatest physicist in the history, said: “Nothing will benefit
human health and increase the chances for survival of life on the earth as much
as the evolution to the vegetarian diet.” With this, he held the view that
not eating animals would have a physical effect on the human nature that would
benefit a lot of humankind.



The Vegans know
to care about injustice, slavery, and oppression. No matter what the race is,
what species of the victim. When someone argues with me that human problems
more important, in that case, I turn the argument to ask not only what the
person is doing support them, and why they feel that exploitation of animals
should continue. Humans are hurting the animals, so should the kindness for
animals be abandoned?


With this comes
the ridiculous argument which is that plants have feelings too. To which I say,
animals have minds which have choices and show desire to live by keeping away
from those who harm them, or by crying out in pain. Plants respond to sunlight
and to other resources or climate, they don’t have a mind for thinking about
death or fear it, and they are not aware and conscious.


Finally, the last
argument that eating flesh is a personal choice. If it’s in that way, my
personal choice is to beat you up and torcher you till you ask me to hang me to
death, so now would you say “that’s your personal choice”? Being
slaughtered for food is not the personal choice of billions of animals they too
want to live their life to fullest.


Being a Vegan has
changed only what I eat and wear, but not how I react to people, my anger, and
outrage, my behavior or my race. It’s fine don’t feel bad about my words, I
speak out where I feel my words do the best and if all of it fails I just
simply smile and say “Don’t hate me because I am a Vegan”