riba similar to riba al-buyu. riba jahilliyah A late-payment

riba al-buyu A transaction where an amount of a commodity is traded for a different amount of the same commodity, and/or the transaction changes hands at different times. Although this originally, applied, to gold, silver, wheat, barley, dates and salt, it is now considered to also apply to all types of food and money. As well as applying to interest, because of the time and amount differences, riba laws also apply to insurance, as the amount paid in and the amount returned are almost certainly different, and always at different times.

riba al-diyun, riba al-duyun Debt usury, essentially the charging of interest on a loan. It is the sum of two elements, riba qardh and riba jahilliyah.

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riba al-fadl Trade usury; similar to riba al-buyu.

riba jahilliyah A late-payment fee or a voluntary re-arrangement of the re-payment schedule that draws an increase in the amount repaid or the rate of interest.

riba al-nasi’ah,  riba al-nasia,  riba nasia The exchange of the same amounts of two commodities but at different times.

riba qardh Agreeing the amount of interest or difference at the time of taking out a loan. This is not allowed under Shariah.

ribat A type of fort from the early Islamic period to protect Muslims, guarded by volunteers. They eventually developed a commercial purpose as trading posts.

ribawi Of or pertaining to riba, for example ‘gold is a ribawi commodity’.

rikaaz Buried treasure, often used with minerals in the phrase ‘al-ma’danu war rikaaz’ (minerals and buried treasure).

riqab, riqaab Slaves. It is legitimate for zakat to be used to buy their freedom.

risalah, al-, risala The actual message sent by a messenger, both in its literal, everyday sense and in the sense of the revelations made to prophets from God. Sometimes Islam itself, or the Qur’an, are called ar-Risalah. The word is related etymologically to rusul, the Arabic word for a prophet.

rishwah Bribery.


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