Rescue it quite well. In which case the real


First comes first. Once
we buy a new laptop the old one already has lost its value and worth. The old
however, remains the gold. The new might be blingy in its form and sturdy in
its work capacity but what about your old pal who helped you through hard times
like during completion of long due assignments at school or video streaming for
the friend’s slumber night or games that you played, or the way you chatted
with that girl over Facebook because your phone was taken away by parents? Well
that pal needs your attention now. Technology evolution has been a blessing and
a curse in many ways, and for the old gadgets it has been a real time curse.

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So how can we help
fight the curse? What to do with old
laptops that still work, one may ask! By helping and rescuing the old, is
the answer. It’s easier than what you think would be done. The only rescuing it
actually needs is refurbishing both the body and structure or updating the
Operating system. It only depends on how friendly you people actually were with
your pal. The friendlier you were the better the condition of the laptop you
kept, because obviously you had to use it a lot, so you kept it quite well. In
which case the real update needed is just the idea of how to use it in ones’ day to day needs. But otherwise, one
should update the software for further usage. Also, new laptop covers and body
upgrades can add value to your gadget in a very small amount of expenditure and
very little effort.


The next stage of revival
of your laptop essentially requires effort from your side. Depending upon the
need and requirements at home, school or workplace one can come up with many
ideas. What to do with old laptops that
still work in order to utilize them fully, some of the ways are mentioned


This is actually a well-known use of a laptop and yes it
is amazing! As your old laptop cum new digital photo frame is genuinely capable
of doing all of those things which an average digital photo frame can simply
not do e.g. pulling the wonderful photos from Flickr, Instagram, MySpace etc.,
updating the portraits and gallery even while travelling, as well as showing
off your mom’s smiling face on the beautiful screen of your monumental laptop
cum photo frame.

Second Monitor


A larger monitor screen and view is a
programmer’s heaven on earth. One could perhaps use a bigger monitor anytime of
the day if the need for larger screens is essential for usage. The old laptops
can definitely help in this case. With a bit of software addition, one can be
able to use the old laptop as the unpretentious and useful external monitor. It
doesn’t even necessitate the wires and cables to attach them together, all is prepared
over the wireless network without much hassle.


Storage server web, media, printing


is the need of the hour. Much data needs to be stored and less amount of space
on our devices is really becoming a problem for almost everyone. So what to do with old laptops that still work,
for them to be utilized as storage servers? All that needs to be done for the
laptop to be changed into a server is actually inserting an upgraded network
card that helps in file transference as this will aid in better performance but
obviously this is completely up to the user.

servers can easily be used for maintaining the backups of the laptop’s files.
Sharing those files becomes easier as well as connecting that system with a
printer will also aid in transference of printable files in the easiest way
possible as your day to day used laptop will not have to be in connection with
the printer for printing purposes at all!

Storing the large amounts of media on a server
actually means that everyone in the family can add and pool the music, movies,
books, photos etc. according to their respective tastes and that too in one
place. There are several kinds of software specially used for media
broadcasting, sharing, and management.

Do whatever you want and show it to the world
with a web server. Setting up a web server is laid-back and easier than ever
and there are many online lectures and tutorials to aid and configure the


Gut it for many useful different parts


much can be done when laptop is used in a way that it is only to be trashed.
But guess what? Even technical trash is useful in so many ways. A useless
laptop still contains many useful parts that can be used in so many other ways
like hard drive can be extracted out to be used as an external hard drive. RAM
can be used as well. DVD drives are also used and so many other parts for that
matter. The only thing required is a technological aesthetic sense in order to
understand which parts of the laptop can be extracted out for further usage.



You have been familiar
with the keys and typing upon this laptop since forever now. Obviously you can
use it for money making. But what to do
with the old laptop that still works in order to make money? Well, if you
have been obsessed with writing it is the best way to write your blogs,
articles or any type of content in lesser time with efficient speed and the
only thing required would be the MS Office installed in your laptop, screen
working and typing digits to be in working order. And voila, start making money
by writing for different web content creators!


Let’s not forget the
needy in our society. May be some friend is less fortunate or a younger brother
or sister needs a laptop, or anyone else around you can be less fortunate and
is not in the position to buy a laptop for themselves. But what to do with an old laptop that still works, in order to provide
it for someone else as a gift? One thing should be kept in mind that laptop
should be upgraded to a more workable and user friendly state as well as gift
worthy in order to be handed over to someone in need so that it does not affect
the other person’s self-respect.


If at all you have no
other options and the laptop is in a fine condition for it to be traded off and
sold in exchange for some good sum of money then why wait? DO IT!