requirements be informed about the number of optometrists they

requirements How does my EAR diagram meet this requirement?Entities required To manage customers prescriptions and previous orders.  I created a box called patients which will have all the historical prescriptions of patients and orders of all the previous and new patients of the Eyes have IT company so that if the optician wants to see the regular treatments that their patients have been following or the items that their new patients have purchased they can easily find the information in the patient box. By having this box will mean The eyes have IT company will always order the right treatments for the right patients as the company will already know what treatments the patient has been following in other opticians. This will lead to the company always giving the right service. PatientsOrders To be able to store payments details of all patients.I created a box called payments which will have all information about if a patient paid for the treatments given by the company. This box will help the Eyeshave IT company to always be informed about who paid for the treatments and who still has to pay, so n so the company can always be able to remind the patients about paying. By having this box the Eyes have IT company will always know what forms of payment the patients use as if it’s by credit card the company can then can buy a credit card machine which will be usedby the patients.Payments Patients To analyse the number of appointments on a day I created a box in the logical data model called appointments. The box will have all the appointments that the optometrists will have to attend to, and the time for each appointment. This box will help the eyes have IT company to always be informed about the number of optometrists they will need and the company will always be able contact and remind the optometrists about the dates they will have to show up to the company so if any optometrist is sick or has an emergency to attend to they will be able to inform the company about them not showing up to the company, so the Eyes have IT company can find other optometrists that are available. In this way the Eyes have IT company will always be informed about all the movements the optometrist makes.  Appointments Optometrists (staff)To be able to manage efficiently all the orders that are done by the company or the patients.  I created a box called orders for the logical data model. This box will have all the information about the datesand times that the orders will come to the Eyes have IT company and it will also include details about the supplier so the Eyes have IT company can recognise him. By having this box the company will always be informed about the dates of each order so that the company can inform their patients about the exact date and time they can come to collect the items ordered, this will make customers satisfied as they will know the dates they are expected to be in the optician.Orders To be able to store, search and process patient details.I created a box called patients which will have all the details about the patients, the information stored in the logical data model will have to be accurate as if the Eyes have IT company wants to make any appointments with a patient, the company will have to remind the patient when the appointments is due for. If the details are accurate patients will always be informed about any changes in the dates of the appointments so the patient will know when he will be expected to show up in the company Patients To check and process the results of the eye tests. I created a box called treatments which will have all the information about the treatments used by the patients including the results of the eye tests. This will help the company to always be informed about the results of each eye test the patient has been taking so the company then check if the patient has made any improvements on its vision and provide the person the right service. By having this box the Eyes have IT company will always try and find the right treatments that will benefit the patients.Treatments To analyse stock in a timely way  I created a box called Stock which will have information of all items needed by the company at a specific period of time. The company will then check all the items required and start ordering all the items. By having this box the Eyes Have IT will always be able to manage its stock in a timely way as when the time comes to use the item the Eyes have IT company will already have the items ordered and will be able to use them.Stock To be able to analyse and store staff details.I created a box called Staff which will have all details about the employer as if an employer does not show up to the company the Eyes have IT company can then find ways of contacting the employer to find the reason of its absence. An appointment can be added to the staff and to inform them the Eyes have IT company will have to find a way of reminding the employee before hand so the staff can agree or not to cover the appointment. By having this box the company can always be informed of every step the staff member makes.Staff To check patient’s age in order to analyse what are the right treatments for the person. I created a box called patients which will have all the details of all patients including the age and the type of treatment the patient uses depending of its age. This will help the company to find the right treatment of a person in a quicker way as they will already have the age ranges of different people and the right treatment for their age. If a new patient joins the company the eyes have IT will already know what treatment to give to their new patient by just asking for the person’s age. Patients To find what equipment is mostly used by the staff in the company. I created a box called stock which will have all the information about equipment that is mostly used by the company. By having this box the company will know their most needed equipment and as a result of this the eyes have IT company will always order the right equipment at the right time as the company will already know what to order the most. In addition the eyes have IT company will not spend a lot of money on trying different equipment as they will already have an idea about what to order. Stock To analyse the next schedule appointments of all the patients. I created a box called appointments. This box will have information of the appointments that are due to the next day, week or month. By having the dates of the next appointments the eyes have IT company an be informed about the staff that will have to cover the appointments and if an employee is sick or a patient is unable to come to the appointment, the Eyes have IT company can inform the patients or optometrists about any cancellations that have been made the company will then provide the patient another appointment or find another optometrist that can cover the appointment.Appointments To be able to analyse, store and check suppliers details.I created a box called suppliers which will have all the details about the suppliers so that if the company needsto ask the suppliers about the dates and the times of allthe orders. The eyes have IT company can find a way of contacting the supplier. If the supplier did not show up to the company with the order, the eyes have IT company will check the details of him and then they will contact the person and ask about its reason for the absence. This will help the eyes have IT company to always be informed about the reason why suppliers did not show up with the orders and when the order’s date will be changed for. Suppliers To be able to manage the stock records and make any changes if required. I created a box called stock which will have the information about the spending of the company such as how much the company spends in items. By having this box the Eyes have IT company will always be informed about which products they spend the most on  and which items they spend the least on. The company will always be able to order the right equipment as they will know in which items they can spend the most and in which ones they will have to decrease their spending on. The Eyes have IT company will be able to manage its spending effectively. Stock