Recently, is used to send and receive messages and


           Recently, mobile phones became very
essential in every person’s life due to the advantages that are offered by
them. According to Sehba, A mobile phone is an electronic portable wireless
scientific device, which is used to send and receive messages and voice. Mobile
phones are very important because they help people to communicate with each
other from different places through different ways, such as voice calls, text
messages, and sharing pictures, videos, files, music, information and updates
about their daily life through social media. The world of mobile phones is not
just about helping some people to communicate with each other in a small circle
but it also gives the opportunity to creative people to create their new ideas
in many fields which may completely change their lives. Mobile phones made a
revolution in the communication process as it made it a very easy and fast

                Mobile phones are not
considered as luxury but they are indispensables in people’s daily life because
they help them to communicate with other people through many different options
for important purposes. Voice calls are considered as one of the most important
options in mobile phones that help people to talk to each other from different
places at the same time. They are important because they allow people to
discuss a lot of issues without the need of planning a meeting. Moreover, in
dangerous situations voice calls play a very important role as urgent calls
often help people to get out of many dangerous situations by reaching the
person or the group who can give them the help in a very fast way. Text
messages are a very well-known option that many mobile phones users use in many
situations as they help people to send their texts to each other and save the
message so it could be easy to be read again and again. People use text
messages for many purposes, like being in a meeting without having the ability
to interrupt to make a phone call for an urgent purpose, sending information
including some important details which is not easy to be memorized, or being
shy to say something through a voice call. In addition, many couples use text messages
to send texts which show their concern so the relationship becomes stronger.
“On the positive side, researchers found that using text messages to express
affection actually enhances relationships and creates a stronger partner attachment” (Leyba,
2015). Smart phones offer a great option to their users which is social media
apps where people can communicate with each other by sharing their updates.
Social media communication takes many shapes, such as Facebook where people can
communicate with each other even if they are staying in different places for a
long time, share their location with their friends so they can meet if they are
near each other, start recording live videos from any place by using the mobile
camera, share their ideas so they become more able to express themselves, posting
their newest photos and videos, and chatting through Messenger, Snapchat which
helps people to share their daily life stories by taking snaps and short videos
and share it with other friends, Instagram where people share pictures and
videos together and send and receive messages through direct messages, Twitter
where people are able to follow each other and tweet and share pictures,
Soundcloud which gives the opportunity to musicians and singers to upload their
own music so their friends and followers can listen to it and share it with
other friends whether on soundcloud or other applications. Without mobile
phones communication process would not be as easy as it is nowadays.

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                 Mobile phones offer the
opportunity to creative minds to create their new ideas which help in making a
lot of services become easier through mobile applications. A lot of services
that people need in their daily life became available now through the
applications on their mobile phones, which is a thing that made a revolution in
the business field. Applications don’t just offer services to the people but
they also offer job opportunities by organizing the service process between the
customer and the employer who offers the service, such as giving the chance to
people who own cars to exploit their time by becoming captains in a company
where customers can order a cab instead of ordering a taxi through an
application on the mobile phone which locate the location of the captain and
the customer who are near to each other and connect them together, or
connecting a housewife who can cook with other people in the same area who need
food with each other and offer delivery service to deliver the food from the
house of the housewife to the customer by employing delivery captains. For
example, Uber is a mobile application which connects drivers and customers with
each other by locating their locations to help the customer to reach his or her
destination and calculating the fare instead of booking a white taxi and the
driver to make some money by using his or her car in work instead of wasting
time. According to Uber’s official site, it all started when Kalanick and Garrett Camp were not able to find a cab
on a snowy Paris evening in 2008. So they decided to come up with an idea of
tapping a button to get a ride. Uber now in being
used in many countries around the world and it changed a lot of people’s
lives.”Uber currently operates in 58 countries and is valued at over $60
billion” (Hartmans and McAlone, 2016). Mobile applications are going to
invade the world by offering services.

               To summarize, Mobile
phones are now essential for keeping people connecting with each other.
Services that are provided by mobile phones applications are invading the world
to improve people’s lives. Because of mobile phones communication process
became fast and easy. All mobile users around the world should be aware of the
advantages that mobile phones offer to them which can make their life become