Recently, causing it to happen has become a global

Recently, the topic of climate change and what is causing it
to happen has become a global issue that everyone now knows about. It
constantly floods the media, be it through newspapers and podcast, with both
sides of the argument trying to persuade the public who is telling the truth
about what really is causing the earth to warm up, and whether it is even a
problem. From reading into this subject, I can see that the main argument is
that carbon dioxide levels are increasing which has a result in warming up the
atmosphere, as the suns rays are trapped in the earths atmosphere and unable to
be reflected out. However, there are many scientists that disagree with these
claims and tell us that we should not be believing everything portrayed in the
media. This topic is evidently about climate change but the debate is whether
carbon dioxide is the causing factor. I have chosen to look into this topic as
I am studying a-level geography and I wish to help develop my understanding of
the subject and the debate behind it. I also wish to find out the truth behind
whether carbon dioxide is the decisive factor to cause global warming and come
to a conclusion. The references that I used during my investigation were; the
BBC, National geographic, Sceptical Sciences and UCSUSA.

Most people believe that carbon dioxide is the main factor
causing the earth to warm up as when it is produced it traps the suns energy in
the earth’s atmosphere and the sun’s rays are unable to be released to space
resulting in the heating of the planet. Burning fossil fuels such as coal and
gas, releases tonnes of carbon dioxide. We mainly see the use of these fuels in
industries all around the world and as a result of this mass use, means that
the production of this greenhouse gas increases each year. National Geographic
state that over the last 150 years we have seen drastic increases in the use of
co2, and the carbon dioxide levels are at the highest they have been for
hundreds of thousands of years. This has dramatic influences on people’s daily
lives. Storms are more frequent in places such as America, the ice sheets in
Antarctica are melting causing the rise of sea levels, and record temperatures
are being seen in places like Australia. 

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