ready needed in life was wealth. He did not

ready to go just yet. The Devil then pursued his deal, he threw Tom on the back of his horse, threw the woods and Tom’s new house and all his new wealth up in flames, and Tom was not seen again (Irving). Tom’s greediness is what led him to his downfall. He should have known that the Devil always goes through with his deals, and he should have realized that if he was able to get the wealth that quickly, then it could be taken away just as fast. 
         The Devil likes to tempt people in this story. Most people say never to make a deal with the Devil, but that was not the case for Tom Walker and his wife. He tempts their greedy sides by first offering Tom a deal to become the wealthy man he has always wanted to be, in return for his soul. At first Tom denies, but once the wife finds out about the deal, she does not waste anytime to grab some of their valuables and set out for the Devil. He knew what type of people they both were, and he knew sooner or later he would have Tom Walker come back and take the deal (Irving). The author, Washington Irving, used the Devil and his temptation of greed to show the moral of the story. The moral of the story was if someone was to sell their soul to the Devil, it will most likely break them instead of making them. Tom knew this was what would happen to him, so he said no to the Devil the first time. The Devil knew that by using temptation, he would then get Tom to sell his soul. Tempting Tom with the gift of wealth, was too much for Tom to pass up, whether he had to sell his soul or not. Unfortunately, selling his soul to the Devil broke him in the end, it did not make him (Stewart). 
      In conclusion, throughout “The Devil and Tom Walker”,  the author Washington Irving showed greed through the Wife’s greediness, Tom’s greediness, and temptation through The Devil’s temptation. Both Tom Walker and his wife took their lives for granted. They both only cared about themselves and wealth. Sometimes in life people have to cherish what they have now. People can not only think about what they do not have and what they want. Being greedy and selfish in life will not get anyone far in life. Tom Walker thought that all he needed in life was wealth. He did not care about his wife, nor did his wife care about him. In the end, because of the way Tom acted in life, he got what he deserved. He was not grateful for what he had, and that is what caused him to believe it was okay to sell his soul to the Devil in exchange for wealth