Radiopharmaceutical first Radiopharmaceutical was sold by Abbott laboratories in

Radiopharmaceutical is a drug typically used in diagnosis or treatments. What is unique about it, is how the radioisotope are specified to the patient. The first Radiopharmaceutical was sold by Abbott laboratories in the 1950s. They can be produced through a cyclotron. The cyclotron is equivalent to a vacuum chamber; the magnetic field is used to deflect ions and there is also a system that generates an electric field at an accelerated rate to produced high energies. They will then react with each other and create radioactive isotopes that are used in medicine. They are used to diagnose medical problems and or treat certain diseases. There are multiple ways on how patients may receive it such as, in the mouth, injection, in the eye or in the bladder. A few examples that require the uses of radiopharmaceuticals, are bone marrow disease, kidney, liver and lung disease. Normally only small amounts are given to patients because the effects can be different on the body; a low amount is considered “safe”. After it has gone through the body, radioactivity is easier to detect and is shown on a x-ray machine, allowing the nuclear medicine physician to have a better understanding on how to approach the situation and see if they have cancer or organ failures. If a patient has stage IV cancer you could see a much larger dosage of radiopharmaceuticals. Nuclear medicine images are produced by energy transferred through the patient’s body which detects and process energy signals. Radiopharmaceuticals are very inefficient; simply because making one is expensive and takes time to produce causing patients to wait a long time for them. Patients with critical conditions cannot wait and tend to die beforehand. 16% of radiopharmaceuticals materials were not utilized because of cancellations/rescheduled appointments made by oncology patients. Radiopharmaceuticals do use radiation which can be a good and bad on the environment, radiation can help certain plants grow by giving them a layer of protection, on the other hand it harms other plants. It can also kill certain enzymes in human and animals bodies increasing our chances of getting sick or even getting cancer. For marine life it’s also fatal as it can lower the chances of reproducing. In conclusion, radiopharmaceuticals has evolved in medical technology. It will take less time for it to be developed as we get more familiar and find more efficient ways to produce it and save many more lives in the near future. Radiopharmaceuticals will be around for many more years and the sky’s the limit.