Rachel JungMrs. SelenkaBrit LitJan 16, 2018The Impact of Society

Rachel JungMrs. SelenkaBrit LitJan 16, 2018The Impact of Society in Tempest and Modern World.  People view society as a place that is filled with people who has similar culture, values, language, and system. However, a society is more of a place that forms or shapes people’s behavior. Society is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. In order to sustain an ordered community, governments were formed to organize the people and efficiently run a civilization. Due to socialization, humans are pressured into following certain rules and displaying certain behaviors in society. Society colors human behavior easily and for a long period of time. Through the play “Tempest,” Shakespeare demonstrates how society affects human behavior in two specific ways: when they are removed from it and when they have never been exposed to differences. Even though Prospero, Gonzola and Caliban live on a remote island that is totally isolated from their familiar society, Prospero and Gonzalo still acts in the way that is familiar to his initial society and has likewise instruct Caliban’s behavior. These ideas correlate to immigrant communities such as Chinatown in the modern world, and closed community like North Korea.Throughout the play, Caliban accepts the treatment of society towards him. Even though Caliban is not necessary satisfied with Prospero’s rules, he is subject to doing what society instruct him to do. Since Caliban was not exposed to outside world other than the island, he was easily and quickly influenced by the society that Prospero brought to the island. Caliban was the owner of the island, because his mother, a witch, was banished to the island while pregnant with him, so the island was rightfully his (1.2 269-284, 332-333). However, Caliban became a slave by the standard of Prospero’s society. Similar to Caliban, people who live under a dictator Kim Jong-un in North Korea are like living under a one ruler on a remote island, isolated and blocked from outside world. Few North Koreans know anything about world events apart from how they are described by North Korean state propaganda (USA Today). They believe in propaganda and continue to live in that society just like Caliban listened and became a slave even when he was the owner of the island. This comparison shows that the “Tempest” is still relevant to modern world which helps the readers understand how propaganda could still exist and why North Korea have had dictator leaders for decades. Also, this demonstrates how people are so easily subject to doing what the society instructs them to which lessons the readers the influence and importance of society. A lone individual does not have a society to belong to. When individuals come together into a group, a default society will be formed. This new social structure will impact all the individuals. A remote island does not change people’s action, only society affects people’s actions. There was no society in Miraran for Caliban to form or follow culture and rules because he was a lone individual. Caliban starts to live in a society with people other than himself for the first time when Prospero and Miranda arrive at Miran. Caliban faces the miniature society of Prospero that was established by his standard. As he was a bastard child and hideously deformed, as well as spiteful and angry (V.1 267-276), Caliban was suddenly considered a low place in society due to his nature. Due to these reasons, Caliban consistently scream for freedom. Eventually, he reaches a point where he tries to rape Miranda as an attempt for rebellion (1.2 347-248) and wants to gain power in order to escape from the society by intending to create more creatures like him as a way to outnumber Miranda and Prospero. His actions reveal that living on a remote island did not mean anything until Prospera created his own society and judged him based on his standard. After the division of Korean peninsula between south and north, Kim ll-sung earns control over the north (Liberty in North Korea). Similar to how Prospero created his own society on a remote island, Kim ll-sung was able to establish his society on a completely destroyed cities that resulted from the war (Newsweek). Many North Koreans attempts to escape North Korea by crossing the river into China (The Washington Post), risking their lives due to the society that Kim ll-sung created just like how Caliban desperately desired freedom from Caliban. Both in the the “Tempest” and North Korea, people’s behavior was changed by the society not the isolation of land. Even when people are completely detached from society, their actions still reflect their old societal beliefs and ideas. Society determines one’s beliefs, values, and ideas and educate people to act and think in a certain way. The “Tempest” helps us understand the people who immigrant to United States. Prospero uses his magic to make his daughter and the king’s son to fall in love with each other (1.2 445-450). However, Prospero persist that they do not engage in relationships that would might look appropriate for an unmarried couple in the society they came from (Philosophy).When Miranda and Ferdinand are caught in an inappropriate love, he scolds, “Look thou be true: do not give dalliance. Too much therein: the strongest oaths are straw. Or else good night your vow!” (IV.1 51-54). Even though there is no one to judge the relationship between them, Prospero is still concerned about their love, because he thinks it’s important to refrain young lovers from anything that would not be approved by society. It is hard for people to erase their old societal ideas even when they no longer exist in that society. Analyzing the relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand show that people tend to value and believe in what the society taught them to do. This provides that where people grow up is very effective and significant, because it’s very difficult to change or adapt to new society. In addition to the effect of society in people’s values, society stains people’s actions. Even though people think of making a better society, which means better than the one they came from, they act as the society has trained them to do. When Gonzola first arrive on an island that is different from any familiar society, he imagines leading a civilization that is better than the one he is from. He thinks about creating a sort of utopia, “No occupation; all men idle, all; And women too, but innocent and pure; No sovereignty” (ll.1 150-156). However, none of the characters succeed in breaking free from the old society stained in them. Caliban still remains a slave to Prospero and Miranda, Miranda and Ferdinand is watched by Prospero until they are married, Stephano fails at changing their circumstances. The Tempest provided the readers with understanding of the play with a new and deeper perspective of the modern world. Analyzing the play suggested that there are parallel circumstances between  the modern world, and the “Tempest” to show how Prospero and other characters from Milan could not escape from their old society. Many Americans don’t understand why there are so many existing immigrant towns in America. Immigrant towns like chinatown and koreatown explain why the characters still act as their native society has trained them to do. People who immigrate to United States tend to bring their cultures and belief even when they settle into a new country that has a new society. According to Porters and Rumbaut, immigrants  tend to settle in ethnic enclaves, prefer to speak their mother tongue, and gravitate to places of worship and social events that provide cultural community with their origins (Handlin 1973). Immigrant towns metaphorically represent the failure of Prospero and other characters escape of their society. This shows that even though hundreds of years have passed since the Tempest was written, the power of society is still apparent in modern world. Although the “Tempest” was written hundreds years ago, the message of society is still relevant to modern world. Society is still a strong factor for determining and shaping human behavior despite the circumstances. The play leads the reader to gain a new perspective on modern world through the examples of how the relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand is refrained from society, Caliban becomes a slave due to his nature, and Gonzalo imagination of a new society fails. All of theses circumstances happened on a remote island where they are totally separated from their familiar society. However, all of theses examples show the readers that their actions reflect how  the society instructed them to do so. Through theses examples and characters, Shakespeare delivers a message that society is bigger and more effective than we think it is.