R1Hazardous will be available at a fee.236MediumR2Car Spaces become

R1Hazardous Climate issues248 Ponchos, rain coats, hats and umbrellas will be available at a fee.236MediumR2Car Spaces become full2510Volunteers to assist redirecting traffic to different location.Advertise the usage of public transport in the welcome pack.Volunteers to advise participants public transport is available (volunteers will be trained about bus routes.248MediumR3Complaints received from customers133Quality Control & Complaints procedures122LowR4Direction not clear, participant become lost144Staff and Volunteers will be on the route wearing TSC uniforms directing people.Signs will be up clearly marking the route.133LowR5Concert  rules are not followed by the participants236Have concert rules included in the email sent with rules, 2 weeks before the day as a reminder.Have fundraiser rules displayed in the actual day and flyers given by the Volunteer to the participants on the day. 122LowR6Rathaus approval not granted or cancelation of approval2510Have the option of other parks like within NRW.212LowR7Public Insurance Liability certification not received2510Ensure all insurance documents are ready 2 months in advance.  Periodical review of this will be included in the issues register.212LowR8Modification in the run code of safety practice144Inform Stakeholders about changes that could affect the scope, time and quality of the project.133LowR9Data lost in the Fundraising system155Procedures for data backup and system restoration to be put in place.133LowR10suffer a disaster like fire155Security Alarm. Insurance. Recovery Plan for alternative venue. Backup133LowR11Technical issues with rental equipment236Ensure that the contract with the rental company has clauses that estipulate a prompt action to replace or amend issues with the equipment224LowR12Not enough support of Rental equipment Companies236Ensure that the contract with the rental company has clauses that estipulate a prompt action to replace or amend issues with the equipment224LowR13Fundraising budget not reached.2510Continues monitoring of budget, emergency mail and call campaign to attract more funds248MediumR14Corporate funds budget not reached2510Contact Corporate and Local Sponsors in advance to ensure appropriate funding. Revisit Budget with Steering Committee & Sponsor.248MediumR15Budget Blowout2510Budget will be carefully monitored by project team and steering committee and amendments will be made accordingly with the approval of the project leader..248MediumR16Delay in Fundraising248Have a scheduled plan to contact corporate and individual sponsors with at least 6 months in advance to start the fundraising.236MediumR17Scope and Budget don’t match248Revisit and confirm budget, objectives and priorities with Steering Committee and Sponsor236MediumR17No direction, strategy & planning with charity248Creation of Strategic plan which sets out the key aims, objectives & policies. Creation of financial plans & budgets. Use of job plans & targets. Monitoring of financial & operational performance. Feedback from Corporate and public Sponsors226MediumR18Project Manager resigns155Hire a new project manager and promote one of the project team member to work together to finish the project.133LowR19Staff Members resigns248Have a Recruitment and Training process in place236MediumR20Inadequate experience of PM155Skills review. Competence frame work job descriptions. Project Management training. Recruitment Processes.144LowR21Organisational structure issues133Review organisational chart & clear understanding of roles. Delegation and monitoring of consistent workload.122LowR22Managerial Power and influence133Review project team structure & processes agreed to deal with conflict. Procedures for meetings & recordings decisions.122LowR23Conflicts of interest between project members133Understanding of trust law. Protocol for closure of conflicts of interest. Procedures for standing down on certain decisions. Recruitment & selection process.122LowR24Damaged reputation due to complaints155Communication with supports & beneficiaries. Quality processes, annual report and review reporting. PR Training / procedures.133LowR25Inadequate experience of volunteers3515Skills review. Competence frame work job descriptions. Project Management training. Recruitment Processes.248MediumR26Volunteers injured on the day of the concert144Medical support is stationed throughout the race.133LowR27Lack of awareness of policies & procedures155Ensure project team is informed of all policies  & procedures of the organisation133LowR28Damaged Relationship with Corporate Sponsors155Regular contact and briefings to corporate sponsors. Project reporting. Meeting funders terms, conditions & requirements144LowR29Changes in the project scope2510Have a clear project scope plan248MediumR30Project not accepted2510Analysis of causes , brainstorming and changes in the scope for project approval248MediumR31Elderly or disables are physically not able to finish walk236Ambulance will provide limited number of wheelchairs which will assist people who can not finish the race. Volunteers will escort participants unable to finish.224Low


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