Questions them committed is always important. What happens if


Company C

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Analysis of answers

 Does the Organisation have a written business continuity plan?



Where is the company’s BCP kept and who can access this document?

It is kept on SharePoint, and all office staff can assess it

employers and employees need to be familiar with the content of the plan and their role in the response and recovery.

Are there any exclusions to your BCP such as personnel, natural
disasters, and why?

Yes, not enough farm staff in the plan only office staff


Does the DRP form part of the BCP or is it a separate plan altogether?



 Do business continuity and disaster recovery readiness have the support of top management in your organization? Moreover, if not why?


Getting senior management
involved and keeping them
committed is always important.

What happens if key personnel are not available during a disaster

There is an agreement with
third party suppliers for support in the event of a disaster.

For a plan to
succeed, there must be
multiple agency cooperation
moreover, involvement.

How frequently is the BCP reviewed and updated?

Annually at least after our 2014 bird flu disastrous event that killed almost all our chickens and turkey

Keep the plan current –
Update the plan as
applications get updated




Are back-ups done faithfully and does it include every server and hard

All important business servers are backed up daily.


How often do you perform a BCP test?

Every six months.
A user test is done once a year to ensure that all applications restored are fully operational.

Test the business recovery
process and evaluate test